BEFORE AND AFTER PICS – What Did I Look Like When I Was “Perfect” In The Modeling Industry?

So I have told you in videos about my first meeting with the modeling industry, which you can find here if you haven’t seen it yet, and I started thinking… You know, I actually have quite a lot of pictures – why don’t I show you guys before and after?

So lets start… In these pictures I was actually told I was “perfect” and how everyone wanted me in the industry. I had just came from Athens and had recently been at my skinniest, on the pictures I was in Milan and had started to gain a bit of weight but damn I was still struggling a whole bunch looking back at it. Not eating, binge eating, “fixing” it with only drinking juice the day after… All these things coming back to me like HOW did I think it was ok and normal?! It’s almost like I forgot it all until I start really thinking about those times. So here you see a sad girl really struggling inside but still being told she’s “perfect”. Messed up, right?


This was apparently the “perfect” size for me in the modeling industry… Being skinny like that does NOT make you happier by the way, if you were wondering. It’s all about self love, and when you are told you have to be a certain way and you choose to listen to others and change your body after their words, you have lost yourself and there’s no love left. This was in 2014. If you watch my video there’s my information about how I was struggling, and for how long.







Then here I am todayyyy! Still doing modeling, still doing what I always wanted – more than ever actuaully. I’m working towards what I want, I love myself and I’m just enjoying food, weights, everything that brings me happiness! I have always had a passion for working out but always felt like I had to restrict what I could do because of modeling, I was wrong! To me I do not want to do high fashion modeling, and modeling is not everything to me, not at all. I have so many things I’m working towards and even bigger goals. I’m not trying to get told how to live my life by an agency that doesn’t understand me, I’m gonna do my own thing and be surrounded by people who respect that. I do weights, get stronger, see results of my hard work while feeling happy about it and it’s actually pretty fucking nice having my booty back, because it has always been there, I just literally starved it away which is so sad. It has obviously grown as my strength has grown as well, which is also pretty cool.


Feel free to share! And if you have a story to tell or you want to talk or anything feel free to reach out or just leave a comment ❤ Loving yourself is always the most important thing.

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Pictures – Intense Workout & Santa Monica

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It’s been so long since I’ve done this, but it’s such a good workout! Met up with Emma yesterday like I said and had an intense workout before we went to eat. I got to see a new area as well, which is cool! If you want to follow me even more on my journey here and see more personal and everyday things you can add me on snapchat: martefre.

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Here you can see the amazing acai bowls as well! I’ve had one earlier when I just got here, but this one was soooo much better! We had it at Rawberri in Santa Monica, and I will for sure be going back there.

This is what happens when you go out but don’t drink too much, haha. Had such a nice day and I know I would’ve just been laying in bed if I didn’t keep to just a few drinks. For sure so much better like this!

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Out Here In LA – I Got Meetings With Agencies!

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These are actually photos that I got a random stranger to take today. When you out here by yourself you gotta do what you gotta do. Especially when you kinda need new pics everyday. Luckily I’ve already planned to go different places and take more pics with friends later on! I have been invited to some agencies now to see if we would be a good match, so I’m excited. I’ll fill you in on the details and what I find out later of course.

So yeah, last night we went to 1 Oak. It was a cool place, good music and good vibes. I’m not drinking a lot when I’m here, which some might think is weird, but I need to focus on what I’m doing and what’s really important to me. Of course going out is a huge part of it, but getting wasted every night isn’t gonna get me anywhere. I met some cool people last night for sure! I only had a few drinks, but still didn’t get back until around 5 in the morning. So the only thing I’m feeling today is a bit sleepy, but I got up at 10am and I’m gonna be meeting up with Emma soon to to a little workout running in stairs and going somewhere they apparently have really good acai bowls. Ouuh. I’ll document it for you guys as well of course, hehe.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything by the way, I’ll answer! Also I have started to edit the vlog from my journey here so you’ll “understand” more of what went wrong and almost got me sent home and refused entry!

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Clubs, Modeling, Friends – in LA

Local time LA: 13:26 pm

Hiiiii guys! Right now I am DEAD, I had two gym sessions this morning. I was supposed to have a pt session first but they didn’t show up so I went by myself. Then I went to meet Emma, a Norwegian girl that I actually haven’t met before, but we’re from the same place – so it’s really cool being able to meet her here! We met at a different gym and had a session together, so that’s the reason for my tiredness right now. 

Other than that I’m going out for the first time tonight, and from what I’ve heard I think I’ll like it. It’s the same thing with promoters and that, but obviously I’ve yet to experience it in LA. I’ll take photos tonight and tell you guys more tomorrow!

You guys might know that I’ll visit some agencies while I’m here as well, I’m trying to do more commercial now – and as LA for sure is the place for that there’s also a crazy amount of models here. Or at least everyone decides that they are. But I’m excited to get some more experience in the industy here, and it would be cool to come back to an agency here sometime down the road. 

I’ll take more pictures for you guys as well, don’t worry! I’ve just been filming the last part of the vlog and just kinda finished my “settling in” part. So stay tuned!

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These Things Makes My Day Better

I thought I’d share with you guys some of the little things that makes the day better!

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  • Music Friday!! Obviously this only happens every Friday, but I get so excited when there’s new music out.
  • A lot of time for a nice breakfast! Coffee, tea, and enough time to make exactly what I’m craving that morning. And time to watch something and enjoy it. Best mornings ❤

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  • A killer workout! If I’m really pushing myself at the gym, and just leave with the feeling that I’ve used my body and a nice kinda tired feeling.
  • Being productive! Starting the day early, sitting with my laptop and just knowing that I’m getting things done.

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  • Just doing small things I might not do everyday. Going cinema, out to eat, out for coffee. Some of these things were more everyday things in London, but the second I get back it’s different and a bit more special.
  • Getting acknowledged for my hard work. If it’s someone close to me or someone I dont know at all, a message, a text, someone telling me – it means a lot and makes my day so much better.

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  • Making nice food and deciding it’s going to be a snacks and movie kinda evening. That’s the best feeling when you don’t do it that often, and it becomes so much more special. Now that Dan and I are in Norway we’re tempted to doing it like every evening, but the sweets and snacks are so much nicer when you don’t do it every evening.

That’s some of the things I could think of right now! We’re still in Rissa and we will be starting our journey back home tomorrow morning. 11 hour drive again here we goooo! Woho.

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Workout Video?

Sunday in Norway, and I almost forgot how dead it is here compared to London. Almost everything is closed on Sunday and everyone stays inside with their hangover watching movies and films. Quite nice though.

For me it’s not a hangover kinda day, rather trying to be efficient kinda day. Just went gym and now I’m sitting here editing a video for you guys! Dan filmed me doing my favorite legs and glutes workout so I’m excited to show you guys! You’ll also see some of my results in the video. So happy I decided to start doing some weights instead of always running or doing cardio. That being said I don’t do that much cardio now, but I used to walk a lot in London just going to different places or working – so now I’ll make sure to do some hiking or running in nature while I’m here. It’s one of the things I love about my hometown.

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