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can’t be life.

sadly, so many people

are setting the bar really low

in terms of their personal lives

working a job they hate

content with struggling

settling for relationships

life for so many is not living at all

and that’s the problem

you get what you allow

watching others live life

instead of living your best life

and they wonder why everyone

is self-medicating

suppressing their pain

pretending to be happy

instead of trying to cultivate

a lifestyle that brings them peace.


the control.

and that’s how they control you

they make everything appear impossible

they force you to believe

that you’re almost average at best

they force you to forget about your magic

and with this, you forget about your worth

we are more prone to accept a little

or nothing as opposed to have it all

we’re content with small sums

of what will add up to being without value

in our last days of life

our desire to achieve more

has been buried beneath

the ideals set by those

threatened by an above-average ambition

don’t let them control you

don’t let them define

and or set your limitations


Poems from whiskey words & a showel

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I Wrote This In 2012

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Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

My mom has this wall where she has things from me and my brother, and I was sitting in the room doing some things when I saw this again. Thought I would share it as it’s in English. I was about 15 here I think. She found it by surprise after I got the grade back, then she laminated it and kept it on her wall.

I love coming back and seeing old things like that. Still my hero ❤

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It’s A Two Way Thing

Sometimes it’s ok to keep giving.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and take a look at who you’re giving so much to.

To see if they know what they’re getting.

How much.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and remind yourself what you’re worth.

To see if they appreciate.

How much.

I admire people who can see that.

Who can see what you go through for their happiness.

Who wants to go through the same for your happiness.

Sometimes it’s ok to stop giving.

– Marte Fredriksen

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