Watch This on Netflix!

I know the struggle of not knowing what to watch, or even just wondering if the show or movie you’re about to press play on is going to be worth it or a waste of your time. So I thought I could share some of my favourites with you guys!

  • You. Starting off with this one as I feel like most of you guys have already watched it, but if you haven’t you know what to do. For sure some kind of a thriller, and it constantly surprises you – but I feel like even people who don’t normally want to watch thrillers would still enjoy it. There’s some normal teenage drama added to it as well.


  • Sex Education. Yessss. I love series like this. It’s for sure more comedy, but also goes into deeper struggles that we all can come across at some stage in our lives, especially as teenagers. Eric is my absolute favourite, he literally makes the series what it is.


  • FYRE. Where you really get to see what happened with the Fyre Festival that ended up just being a big fraud. Very interesting to watch. I also feel like you can see how fake the Billy guy is from the very beginning, how he talks and his body language – it all seems so insincere. Anyone else feeling the same??


  • The Ted Bundy Tapes. Currently watching this one. I had to as the true crime “fan” I am. It always feels so wrong to say fan? What’s a better word? Anyways, I’ve heard his name but did not know too much. It really is crazy. But the craziest thing is how everyone acts around him, it’s almost like he has this thing of making everyone like him despite everything he has done. Even the freaking judge in the trial, the girls sending him letters and coming to court – just all of it. Like how in the world did he get to act the way he did at court and the judge still basically said admiring words about him?! So, so wrong. And all the other things of course… I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. I recommend watching it, even if it’s just a wakeup call to what kind of people exists. Because it’s not just him and that’s the sad truth – there’s terrible people out there.



So that’s the one’s I can recommend for you guys to definitely spend some time watching! I of course have some bad ones to share with you guys as well. I just really appreciate having some less quality series for while I am editing or anything else that requires my attention, and I just want something simple to have on in the background. I won’t go into big details, I mean – you like random and simple series now and then if you’re painting your nails or tanning or whatever; try these:

Dynasty, Grace and Frankie, The Good Place (this is actually good),  The American Meme, Follow This, Great News, 3 Wives One Husband (yes I did watch it), Love, Friends from College (this is better than most of the other things I wrote down here), and Easy.

I’ll just end it there. I will not take any responsibility for you enjoying any of the ones I just wrote down over here, but I mean, you could try it. If you’re doing something else at the same time at least.

You’re welcome! Tell me if you like any of these, if you’re going to watch them or if you have something I should watch! Thanks ❤


My Top Podcasts (English & Norwegian)

When I was living in Oslo I pretty much realised that podcasts were a thing and my life changed. Not really, but yes kinda.

I had something to look forward to as I was cycling to and from work in the hot summer weather.

I have always been a true crime fan, binging series and documentaries when I have time. It sometimes scares me, but more than anything it’s interesting and just shocking. I feel like it helps you be more aware of what’s going on as well, what potentially could happen and just what some people are capable of.

So the first podcasts I started listening to was of course, true crime podcasts. I also listen to some more “normal” podcasts, which are Norwegian and I will of course share them as well since I know some of you are from Norway.

Top True Crime podcasts:

  1. Dirty John. I finished this one quite some time ago, I know there’s been added a few new episodes but after hearing the whole story I didn’t really listen to the others as it’s just some bonus episodes. It’s very interesting though and I remember I got really into it. I also saw they will be coming out with a movie or series from this story on Netflix now! Will for sure watch that.
  2. Sword and Scale. Some crazy episodes on this one. But all true, which makes it even crazier. I remember I went from a Norwegian true crime podcasts straight to this one and I was just shocked at all the details and realness that came with this one. Real 911 calls and everything. Not for everyone for sure. But if you can handle it I would recommend it.
  3. Casefile. Australian true crime podcast that I actually started when I moved here. Even though it’s Australian the stories are from everywhere. I would compare it to Sword and Scale as you really get to know mostly everything from a case, and it’s just very raw and real. Currently what I am listening to the most out of these ones.

That’s the ones I would recommend from my English podcasts – please let me know if you have any you would recommend! If you are struggling with figuring out which episode you should listen to I would recommend just typing in Google “best episodes Casefile”. Sounds pretty obvious but I only just started doing this and it just makes everything so much easier.

I also listen to some business podcasts, currently I have been listening to My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast and Smart Passive Income. Tim Ferris is also a good one.

Hope you can find something you like! Might be difficult if you’re not a fan of true crime or business podcasts, but I would love if you want to share any of your favourites with me!

Then on to my Norwegian podcasts! Let me just change my language real quick 🙂


På tide å skrive litt norsk her igjen da. Jeg hører ganske mye på norske podcaster også, og tenkte jeg skulle dele de forskjellige med dere – kanskje dere hører på de allerede, eller kanskje dere kan prøve de ut nå. 

1. Harm & Hegseth. Alt mulig og alltid morsomt. 

2. Jan Thomas og Einar blir venner. Min nye favoritt. Digger at to så forskjellige mennesker kan sitte å prate om alt mulig. Jan Thomas får meg alltid til å le. 

3. Andersen og Jacobsen. To kloke jenter med mye viktig å si, i tillegg til en god dose humor. Alltid et høydepunkt med en ny episode. 

4. Truecrimepodden. Mitt første møte med true crime podcaster. Digget den veldig i begynnelsen (gjør fortsatt det), men har en tendens til å foretrekke de engelske som går mer inn i sakene. Ikke den største fanen av live sendingene på podcast (sikkert utrolig bra å være der), men synes hun som lager podcastene gjør en utrolig bra jobb med research og hele pakka. Sykt kult at hun at klart å fått alt dette til og kan jobbe med det! 

5. En mörk historia – Arbogakvinnan. Dere måååå høre denne! Helt syk historie. Som også er helt sann. Arbogakvinnan er delt opp i 5 episoder og er på svensk, så du må nesten kunne forstå det for å kunne få med deg alt. Jeg fikk vite om denne podcasten gjennom Harm og Hegseth faktisk, med en gang noen anbefaler true crime føler jeg nesten at jeg må teste det ut. 

Hvis dere allerede har hørt noen av disse og har noen meninger, gjerne del! Jeg vil også høre tips om hva dere anbefaler osv hvis dere har noen ❤ Settes stor pris på!

Edit: Jeg glemte selvfølgelig lørdagsrådet!! Alltid et høydepunkt!

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Snaps from today. I work with Lava Art and did another look for them today! Always fun and I do really like working and being more creative with makeup, but the best part is when I’ve filmed and taken my pics – then taking off the lashes and everything else before I put moisturiser on a fresh and clean face.

My almost monthly cold (what it feels like) is back and I’m just praying to get better before I got to Berlin this week!! To see my unbiological sisters 😉 It’s so cool how they decided to move there, and I’m so excited to experience Berlin for the first time!

Australia is also coming up… In almost just a month! It’s going to be my new home?! How crazy… Will probably write more about the process and everything that comes with it if you are interested. No job or apartment has been found yet, but I’m getting pretty used to just going with the flow.

A different post, more of a little update – but to be honest I’m sitting here in bed ready to make some green tea and finish editing some videos before I try and get my sleep so I can feel better!! I just wanted to check in and write a little something. I do want to know if you would want me to do a video though, I could do a makeup video showing my favourite look for you guys if interested ❤ Let me know!

Also if you’re a true crime freak like me, start listening to true crime podcasts! So far I’ve listened to Dirty John and Dr. Death that I would recommend! Please let me know if you know any really good ones.