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Making Plans For LA

Now I’m sitting here with my coffee and popcorn trying to get some research done for Los Angeles. First time I’m there it will be for two months and those weeks will FLY by, I mean almost two whole years in London is gone already and that’s crazy to me. I don’t even understand it.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about these things, how we don’t even realize or think about how a year just flies by, and another, and another… And then I get stressed out and sad and worried – which is stupid. You can’t control time, but you can control how you spend the time you’re given, and who you spend it with. No one should spend their time worrying or thinking too much about what’s bound to happen anyways, you can’t control the fact that you’re going to die or the fact that the years will go by regardless. I know these things, but some times you can’t help thinking.

So yeah, I will for sure make the best out of those two months (and do my best for all these other days as well!), but that takes planning – so I’m trying to do that for the most of my LA trip. Might be a bit difficult as I’ve never been there, and I can’t plan for the possible opportunities or experiences of course – but it’s better to have some plans rather than nothing!

Here’s some pics from yesterday when I had the best coffee I’ve had in ages! And a nice catch up with my mom like we always have ❤

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Alice has the nicest little place! Perfect place for a balcony as well 😍 We went there before testing out first day of carnival. It’s so crazy how many people get together, but it’s so cool! Nothing major happened which is good as it’s a big risk for that when there’s so many people in the same place. Perfect weather as well! We have been filming so there might be coming a vlog!


Preparing For LA


Just got these new sunglasses and I love them! Don’t worry – will be a post about them and where I got them from asap, just had to show you!

Right now I’m stressed out and getting ready to leave for Oslo. I have less than one hour to get ready and fix my stuff and get to the airport. I have spent the day working out and taking a lot of pics that you’ll see soon. I also got a great idea for some different videos I wanna do.

I’m coming back to Bodø again tomorrow so it’s gonna be a quick trip – which is why I’m doing everything last minute. The reason for me going is my Visa for when I’m moving to Los Angeles. I need to meet up and show all of my documents, and that I have everything I need to. Exciting!

I’ll get to spend some time with my best friend Mathilde in Oslo as well, so that’s nice ❤




Hi from a really tired Marte. I’m in bed eating pop chips and watching Riverdale. This day has really felt like a Sunday to me. Just sleeping and relaxing after last night. I’ll make sure to take a lot of photos tomorrow, the weather will be so nice and I’m going to stay out with Mathilde all day.   Not too long until I’m going to Norway either now – can’t wait! I feel like a month there will be perfect right now.