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Have I Met A Lot Of Celebrities In LA?

I know there’s a lot of girls that come here to meet celebrities, or sleep with one of them, or just be at the afterparties so they can tell all of this to their friends when they get back home. There’s no lie – you will meet a lot of successful and rich people, celebs and all that if you go to the “hottest” clubs and hang out with the “right” people. It’s honestly the easiest thing here. And no – I don’t have anything against people who do all of this just to be able to tell others about it, I even know people like this, but it is just so far away from who I am and what I’m here to do. I just don’t understand the mindset.

I will never be a fangirl, if I can put it like that, but I always admire and respect success if it’s done the right way.

So no, I won’t tell you about the celebs I’ve met, the rich people, the afterparties, not in that way – but maybe one day I’ll spill all the secrets and let you know how this whole thing is in reality, if you didn’t already know. I’m here to focus on my thing, and get as far as I can. Contacts are so important out here – but just because he is famous and wants to sleep with you does not mean you will get very far. Except if your goal and thoughts on getting far is to brag about it back home, that’s your business, but not the goals I think you should set for your self.

When did some people start to think that it’s an achievement to come to someone and brag about kissing a guy who’s been in a movie or hanging out at an afterparty with someone who only wanted one thing from you but has a lot of followers so it’s super awesome? I would however love to hear you talk about what you have done for your self and future from being around those successful and/or famous people because that’s what interesting to me. Did you get respect? Did you gain anything for your self?

So yeah, there are huge opportunities here – but you just need to figure out yourself first. Maybe you have a completely different mindset and think celebs or famous people are more worth than you or anyone you know, but I hope you don’t and rather see the success and inspiration – if it’s there, that is.