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What Do I Dislike About People In L.A?! NEW VIDEO IS OUT!

New video from L.A is out! I’m telling you guys a bit about my experience with people here, and also how we celebrated Thanksgiving in the model apartment! Remember to subscribe to be the first to see new videos! ❤


I’m Not Gonna Lie For A Week – And Then Let You Know What Happens!

So the last time I was at the hairdresser in London I picked up a magazine and started reading about a person that wanted to document her going Mon-Fri without lying. Sounds simple? Well, she also did some research and found at that we all lie about 200 (!) times a day. It’s usually about small things, just not saying what we really think or whatever is going on inside our heads. Things that might turn into a bigger deal if you don’t just let it go how you normally do from day to day by saying a white lie instead of what you really want to say.

So yeah – starting tomorrow I will tell you guys what happens and the reactions I get. I would never think I lie much during one day, or a week even, but it’s only one way to really find out. Because apparently we all do. I’m just worried now that people know they will ask me weird questions knowing I can only be completely honest, but we will see!


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Me Just Being Me

So we had a quick little shoot today, and I finished the last part of my workout video for you guys. In between photos there’s always some that doesn’t turn out great or just of me being silly. So here’s some of that while I edit the others!


Other than that I don’t have that much to say. A terrible thing has happened in Las Vegas and I’ve been reading and updating all day. At the same time I’m stuck thinking about all those other people in war or other areas of the world, where fighting for their lives is all they know and everyday there is so many losing their lives – and there’s so many tragedies that never really affect you because you don’t read about it or you’re just not aware… So I wanna say my thoughts go out to everyone fighting, everyone that has lost someone they love and been affected, and everyone that feels like they have been left out and is all alone. The world is beautiful, but people can be so cruel. I will never understand.