My Go To Makeup Look – Video

Thought I would share a quick and simple video of my go to look with you guys! If you have any questions about products feel free to ask. Thanks for watching!

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The Most Beautiful Colours


I showed you some photos from this day and this place earlier, but that was only from my phone so here you have some from my camera! Better quality and you can see the colours even better. I love how Autumn brings out all of the red and orange.

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Something I Wouldn’t Wear


I used to hate orange, but apparently this has been the time where everything I used to hate turns into everything I love. It’s weird how things change, huh?

These days haven’t been the best and I think the main thing is that I haven’t gotten the chance to really be happy and enjoy knowing where I’m going next. I need to get better at remembering the important things and taking time to breathe and think for a bit. I shouldn’t be so stressed, I should choose to be happy I get to say goodbye to London and then go back home for a while.

I also wanna do more makeup looks and outfit pics for you guys so that’s coming up ❤️