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Festival Outfit

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My outfit from one of the days back home at the festival! I remember I used to hate that colour, but I guess things change. Both the denim jacket and shorts are vintage from a random market in London, which I love! Especially the fact that I haven’t seen anyone else with the exact same ones, which is one of the main reasons why I like going to markets looking for clothes.

I still feel like the summer went by way too fast, and that I really didn’t get to enjoy it properly because it never felt like summer. Then again when I look at photos like this it makes me realise I did have a nice summer, and I’ll keep some amazing memories from it ❤

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I’m Back In London!

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After a short and nice, but tiring weekend back home I’m now back in London. Not enough sleep mixed with alcohol doesn’t always go well with me. I have always had a need to take enough time for myself when it comes to sleep and getting things done, as well as just relaxing because I do stress too much, so it’s important for me to have a “break” once in a while. And when that doesn’t happen I basically get ill, like I have been all day. That mixed with traveling is not a good mix.

But – I must say it was worth it. It’s been such a great weekend, and I’ll keep the nice memories!

Now I’m very ready to start a new week, new job as a hostess, and just work even harder! Also so good to see Dan again ❤ He makes me feel at home even though I just left. I remember Caitlin saying “the traveler found a home” when we started getting more serious. It’s kinda cute? If you like those cheesy things 🙂 Now we’ll go to the shop then fall asleep watching something.

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Festival Day 2


Few pics of me and Mathilde when we were pre-drinking yesterday, trying to keep the sun away from our faces, haha. Was really good yesterday, and weather sooo perfect! Nice to meet so many people as well ❤

Mathilde has already started getting ready for day 2, while I’m struggling a bit more… How did I do this for two weeks when I was russ?? Anyways I’ll just have to start I guess, we are already missing out on a bit because we needed some more time today, haha.

I’ll show you more photos later!

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Already Back In Norway!

Yep… A bit over a week in London and now I’m back again. I was so lucky to get a free festival pass for when I’m here, and it’s perfect because it’s literally right outside my house. Also the weather is amazing. Can’t complain!

Started my day here in Norway with jumping (running if you saw snap or insta) into the cold ocean with some friends… It was so refreshing after.

I just love walking in the door here, everything just feels so good ❤ And it’s so beautiful here. I’m so happy I started seeing all the beauty after hating this place for some time – back when I didn’t realise it was never about the place, but about me and my life.

I’ll make sure to show you a lot of pictures of my time here ❤


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A Place In Norway

588EAF29-F1E6-495D-B52C-70609EB6A188.jpg110ECAD3-8513-483D-8F83-798356C60CC81CB07DE6-420F-4253-8DDF-CE796235EC0124E67AF3-9BA2-45AB-AE42-A66B0F0D9CF1From some random place in Norway, before we started our journey back to Bodø. I’m so used to places like that, but I can still see how beautiful it can be.

So how does it feel to be back in London? Better than expected. The first night when I was walking to Tesco to get some food after getting all my stuff inside I had this really good feeling just because I’m here and I do like this place a lot, the freedom and the oppurtunities. It’s all about doing something with it.

So today I’m back to being a hostess, and at the end of the week I might be booked for a modeling job. Either way I’ll not waste my days ❤

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Photos From Yesterday

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Some snapshots before we went out yesterday! Had a fun night yesterday, especially at the pre-drink, haha.

Love the outfit by the way, it’s so chilled but also nice to wear when I’m going out.

We had the laziest day today and I think I’ve almost fallen asleep every other hour. Right now we’re eating snacks and watching Breaking Bad. It’s gonna be so nice going to bed tonight, haha. It’s the best feeling when the room is cold and you’re super tired.

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Saturday Dinner

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Had my fav dinner today in Bodø – Indian! We went to the same place last time we were here as well. Also found a painting of me and Dan on a building, hehe 😉

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tonight the plan is to go out and just have the best last Saturday here! Can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s crazy.

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday ❤