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Jeg skal holde foredrag!

Den 21. april skal jeg holde foredrag om selektiv mutisme, dele min historie og fortelle hvordan jeg kom meg ut av det. Det er en fagdag planlagt og organisert av foreningen for selektiv mutisme (

Jeg vet at det er noen få plasser igjen, så gjerne sikre deg plass ved å trykke på lenken over og registrer deg! Jeg er så glad for at det finnes mennesker som jobber så hardt for å spre kunnskap, hjelpe og støtte. Jeg håper selvfølgelig flere ser viktigheten i det.


The 21. of April I’ll be having a talk about selective mutism, my story and how I got out of it. It’s a whole day planned by the Norwegian selective mutism organisation (

Im excited and I’m so happy that there’s people working so hard to spread knowledge, help and support. As it’s in Norwegian and in Norway I can’t really tell you guys you should get a ticket, but I will of course write on here how it went and so on, as well as share some pictures.

If you want to read my story again though, you can press here!


We Pranked My Best Friend On Camera!

New video! And from now on it’s going to be even more of them. We recently moved to Oslo and have so much motivation to film for you guys. There’s already two videos coming up!

But first – our first prank together, and Dan’s ever first prank. The unlucky person was my best friend, now that we finally live in the same city again she couldn’t get away, haha. Also very proud of Dan for being able to do it so well because he was honestly so nervous guys!! Haha. Subscribe for more and show some love ❤

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What’s been going on?

So you might have been wondering why there hasn’t been that much going on here and why there hasn’t been that many updates. The main thing is that I’m currently a semi-finalist in Miss Norway. So I’m updating a blog there: Miss Norway Marte.

Would love for you to keep reading my posts on there and translating it to understand if you’re not Norwegian! And of course keep coming to my website for YouTube videos (coming up!!) and more pictures ❤

If you’re already reading this blog you know how I am working toward more awareness about mental health and selective mutism, and being in this competition is a great opportunity for me to reach out to even more people.

I have also moved to Oslo and Dan’s gonna join me today! So a lot of things going on at the moment, but I’m excited. We’re really taking things as they come, while working super hard on what we can from day to day – and I’m really happy about that.

Hope you want to follow my journey and keep reading my updates here for now. Lots of love ❤



In My Great Grandma’s Dress





Feeling proud to be able to wear this dress ❤ It’s actually 38 years old, and used to be my great grandma’s dress. She loved it so much and even though she’s not here to see me in it, I’m so happy I get to wear it. In these pictures you can see a little bit of my hometown and it’s beauty. It was actually -15 while taking these pictures so I wasn’t very comfortable, but I just had to pretend.

It might not be that much going on here, but I’m so proud to have such a beautiful hometown.


Here she is in the dress, with my aunt next to her ❤ I wasn’t even born at this time.

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We’re Moving!


I love bright colours. I love mixing them as well, as long as everything is “clean”, like here. Plain background and a one-coloured jacket. It was freezing cold while taking them by the way, my home town is known for it’s wind and it’s no joke.

I have big plans for these upcoming months and soon everything’s in place! Or most of it at least. Some things you can’t control, you can only do your best. So that’s what I’m gonna do! One of the things that’s for sure is that we’re moving… to Oslo! Dan and I will be there for a little while, just working and going on a new adventure to be honest. I’m excited ❤

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Why Am I Going To LA? What Am I Doing?

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So you might be wondering about this – as I haven’t said too much. So what am I doing, and why am I going?

Well – since I was a little girl it has always been a dream for me, but always because of opportunities. I have been hard working and very ambitious for as long as I can remember and I have been very aware of the fact that I can’t do all I want and achieve everything I’m working for in a small city in Norway.

I have time after time seen LA as a place to live, or stay for a period of time to make the best of my goals and opportunities. It has come to a point in my life where I feel like that is the one and only thing that can be next, and the exact thing I need.

As of right now I have never been to America before, and I have heard both good and bad. It might be a lot of talk, and maybe not as good as it seems, a lot of fake people for sure, but I’m prepared – and that is why I will be going for two months, just to see what it’s all about and if it’s anywhere I can do better and grow. I have a lot of different plans while I’m there, and I’ll of course let you guys know my honest opinions and how I’m finding it. I’m going with an open mind, but can’t help to be extremely excited! It’s gonna be so weird to actually be there. Little Marte wouldn’t have believed it.