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I Have A New Favourite

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I love this set! So comfy but still cool. The colour, fabric… Whether it’s more comfy clothes or dress up, I always love it when you can get it in sets. Top and bottom matching, and you won’t experience the struggle of finding something that matches whatever you wanted to wear. Makes everything so much easier. And it looks good as well.

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Makeup Look – Natural Bronze

IMG_4536_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:54:34IMG_4542_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:57:28IMG_4534_Facetune_24.08.2017-19:03:48IMG_4543_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:58:40Simple and natural! I have used the normal base I always do, then as highlighters – Inglot and The Balm. For eyeshadow I have used the liquid lingerie eye tint from NYX which I love, adding some highlighter and bronzed eyeshadow. Love the bronzed look, but even more when it’s natural like this!

Atm I’m trying to get my Mac charger to work which is not happening and making me so annoyed!! 😦

Trying to get videos up and stuff so hopefully it will work or I’ll have to buy a new one. Let me know if there is any type of videos you would like to see!

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Woke Up Like This

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In Amy’s room atm, and hoodie 🙂 🙂

Went here straight after work last night so I could get things done before it’s back to work again later today. First day back was alright I guess, I don’t like when I see people being treated like nothing just because someone has money and they think for some stupid reason they are more important – it makes me really angry.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do and where to go after this week btw, not getting any wiser it feels like. Also I think I lost my card yesterday or the evening before… I only went to the shop and now I can’t find it 😦 I’m so happy it doesn’t cost to order new cards because the amount that I’ve had and lost is becoming crazy now. I thought I lost one last time I was in Oslo, but then Mathilde randomly found it in a jacket… After I had ordered a new one and canceled that one.

So plans today? I need to get ready, answer some emails, send a video, go look for my card one last time and visit a place I’ve worked a bit for earlier, and then it’s off to work. Not too sure if I’ll have time for everything but I’ll try. Back to London means it’s back to being busy, but I’m not complaining!




Photo: Tim Copsey

I think these photos have to be one of my favourites from this shoot! They are so natural in a way – just me sitting drinking coffee and looking outside at people and daydreaming like I always do. I also love the mix between the reflections from outside and all the colours from the cute little bakery.

So what am I doing these days? To be honest I’ve been so ill I have only been able to stay in bed… Fever and the worst cold. I think yesterday was the worst day so hopefully I’ll only get better from now on. I just need to! I have work in the next days and I’m also going to Oslo on Thursday. Just trying to be good and rest as much as I can. I know it’s really important with enough sleep and food – but to be honest I’m boiling all the time and my head hurts, and I’m also having the worst nightmares when I first manage to sleep so it’s not really easy… When it comes to food I feel so dizzy getting up so most of what I’ve eaten is coconut ice cream.

Perks of having your own blog? I get to do some complaining when I’m ill, haha. Won’t be much more of that now, just had to let you guys now how my days have been.

Hope you all are well and healthy ❤