We’re Moving Again!

Our permanent apartment won’t be ready until next Saturday, and as we couldn’t stay in the current Airbnb until then, we had to book another one for the four days before Saturday. That means moving again, packing up all the clothes and even food we’ve bought this time – which is annoying, especially since I’ve started work as well, but it’s all gonna be worth it on Saturday! So far it’s all going very good, I just really can’t wait until we’re properly settled into our new home.

I was off this weekend, and it was so nice getting that Friday feeling again – being able to sleep in and just experience more of Sydney. We actually went to Manly to eat and have some cocktails, before we went back home to change and go out in central. If you like Hip Hop or R&B I recommend going to The Cliff Dive. I have been there twice now and both times it’s been good music and just good vibes. If you want to sit and have a table you would probably have to come early, but it’s a place for mostly dancing so if that’s your type of nights out you’ll be fine.

Today has been a more chill day, pizza and sleeping in – but we actually felt so good despite going out we decided to go to the gym as well. The nicest thing without a doubt is the jacuzzi after, it’s going to be so sad to leave behind.

I also contacted a few modeling agencies today, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with someone this week. It’s not always the easiest thing finding the right modeling agency as there’s so many different ones, but the main thing is always finding someone who understands you and what you want to do.


This is a photo taken from the ferry the other day, I love how you basically can take boats how you take trains to go places here. I also need to tell you about my birthday last week in a different post, so stay tuned! I hope everyone has (or had) a nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world.




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Body Talk

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My body has been through a lot… I have always cared about health and always kept active, but when I started modeling little Marte listened too much to what the agency told her. I don’t think it’s right to tell a 16 year old to not eat carbs and not eat after 7 in the evening if you want to do well in modeling. I really wanted to do my best and I listened to someone who was supposed to help me in the right direction and teach me the correct way to go about things in the industry. I guess you live and you learn, right?

I was very skinny for a while and still got health issues from it – I can tell you guys more about this and my first meeting with the model industry if you would like.

Anyways – my view on my body and food and everything is completely different now. I workout, I eat what I want, I focus on staying healthy and getting strong, I love pizza, and I love that I have more curves. I just want to focus on my health and treating my body right. And yes – sometimes being healthy means eating sweets or fast food or just whatever you’re craving.

And if any model agencies don’t want me because of my strong and healthy body, I know now that that’s their loss!