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Snaps from today. I work with Lava Art and did another look for them today! Always fun and I do really like working and being more creative with makeup, but the best part is when I’ve filmed and taken my pics – then taking off the lashes and everything else before I put moisturiser on a fresh and clean face.

My almost monthly cold (what it feels like) is back and I’m just praying to get better before I got to Berlin this week!! To see my unbiological sisters 😉 It’s so cool how they decided to move there, and I’m so excited to experience Berlin for the first time!

Australia is also coming up… In almost just a month! It’s going to be my new home?! How crazy… Will probably write more about the process and everything that comes with it if you are interested. No job or apartment has been found yet, but I’m getting pretty used to just going with the flow.

A different post, more of a little update – but to be honest I’m sitting here in bed ready to make some green tea and finish editing some videos before I try and get my sleep so I can feel better!! I just wanted to check in and write a little something. I do want to know if you would want me to do a video though, I could do a makeup video showing my favourite look for you guys if interested ❤ Let me know!

Also if you’re a true crime freak like me, start listening to true crime podcasts! So far I’ve listened to Dirty John and Dr. Death that I would recommend! Please let me know if you know any really good ones.

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A Different Look






One thing I love about my hair is that it’s so easy to change it up. Curls, waves, straight, braids, ponytails – whatever I feel like really. I used to think my hair was so thin and boring, but it’s not as thin anymore and it’s actually so easy to work with.

The main tip I could give you to get more healthy hair would actually be to wash it less. It damages your hair so much if you wash it every day. In the beginning your hair can look greasy, but that is only because you’ve made it a habit to wash it so often. After a while you will see how much more healthy and strong your hair will grow. Try it! It also helps you keep your colour if you have dyed your hair. I’m not saying to never wash it, I’m just saying to cut it down little by little until you find something that works for you.

Hope everyone’s good ❤ Tomorrow it’s time for another journey to Oslo!

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New Pictures From LA!



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Photo: @garretstone

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s some pictures from one of my photoshoots in LA. Loved the outfits and the vibe on this shoot. You’ll get to see more really soon!

I’ve actually just finished packing, because tonight at 4am we’re going to the airport and leaving the heat and sunshine to go back home. I’m actually excited to go to the airport because there’s a Starbucks there, and as some of you know I don’t drink cow’s milk so it’s been a struggle getting coffee here – but finally!! Lol. And of course to actually get back home and see Dan and my friends again ❤ Excited to make new plans for this year as well! Got a lot to figure out.

This trip has gone by really quick and I wish we had weather like these last days in the beginning as well, but it’s still been an amazing time!

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Flashing Lights In Venice






“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

Local time LA: 08.23

Good morning from me ❤ I’m drinking coffee and getting ready for my photoshoot! It’s for a clothing brand’s Instagram which will be cool. To be honest I really love when I can do my own makeup like today. Don’t get me wrong because working with a makeup artist can be so good and I can learn new things, but I for sure have my own opinions about hair and makeup on myself. Will let you know how the shoot went later on ❤

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Military Barbie

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My last Halloween outfit! Finally, haha. No doubt that Americans go all out when it comes to celebrations. Now you get to see what I would look like with really fake, blonde hair as well, lol.

Anyways, I loved being blonde for the night! Had a good evening even though Avenue was packed and people got really pushy which always gets on my nerves. There was a lot of cool costumes as well, I always love to see people going all out.

I’ve planned some shoots here now so I’m excited for that! Other than that I’m meeting new people everyday and experiencing more and more of LA as the days go by. I really enjoy it here. The heat and sun is pretty much gone, but it’s still not Norway weather, obviously. I can’t believe I’ve only been here two weeks, but at the same time it’s gone by so quick. Life is so strange.

I hope everyone is good, and that you watched my latest YouTube video here! ❤