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First Day With No Lies – Monday

So the first day of the week has passed, and first day with no lies. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check my previous post here.

Fav way to start the morning! Soy latte.

How did it go?

Well, I do think I’m right in saying that I don’t lie that much, but I also found out that I do joke around with saying “lies”, especially when it comes to Dan. I think it’s funny to see his reaction when I say something that to me is clearly not true, but because I’m Norwegian he might believe it, haha. We always have to be honest if we ask each other “promise” so the truth usually comes out. Like the Kardashians say “bible”, you know šŸ˜‰


Anyways – I started the Monday being honest with my best friend, which wasn’t really a big deal but I thought I could mention something instead of just leaving it and forgetting it. The thing about these small situations or even just passing things is that if you mention it they might turn into bigger situations just because they are being brought up. That didn’t happen and it was all fine. It was nice just saying whatever you were thinking.

Then later, at the gym I was doing my honesty thing again. I was doing deadlifts and Dan was only trying to be nice and motivate me. He started saying theĀ repetitions out loud and to be honest I can’t stand it when people are telling me how many I have left or how many I’ve done or just “disturbing” me when I’m working out, because I have to be in my zone, haha. So I was yelling “stop” as I was doing my deadlifts. Then I tried to tell him why I don’t want him to do it after I was done, but he got a bit offended and went on with his exercise. This proved my theory right, small things might turn into bigger situations – but then again we have this thing where we usually talk about things after we both have had some time to think, but we should try to do it in the moment as well. It all turned out fine after, he understood, and I understood I could have said it in a nicer way as it was happening, but now he won’t try to be nice and do that again, haha – poor guy ā¤


Other than that I must say I’m proud of my natural honesty, and I do think I would have done these things regardless… Let’s see what, or if any, challenges the rest of the week brings.


I’m Not Gonna Lie For A Week – And Then Let You Know What Happens!

So the last time I was at the hairdresser in London I picked up a magazine and started reading about a person that wanted to document her going Mon-Fri without lying. Sounds simple? Well, she also did some research and found at that we all lie about 200 (!) times a day. It’s usually about small things, just not saying what we really think or whatever is going on inside our heads. Things that might turn into a bigger deal if you don’t just let it go how you normally do from day to day by saying a white lie instead of what you really want to say.

So yeah – starting tomorrow I will tell you guys what happens and the reactions I get. I would never think I lie much during one day, or a week even, but it’s only one way to really find out. Because apparently we all do. I’m just worried now that people know they will ask me weird questions knowing I can only be completely honest, but we will see!