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Boyfriend’s Jumper


Some outfit photos from yesterday! To be honest I was wearing all black earlier in the day, like I very often do. It was because of a job thing though, but I thought I would change when I got home to show you guys a bit more exciting outfit. Just a huge jumper, a leather skirt and a nice choker really. But still cool and really comfy.

I’m sitting at Costa atm, my favourite place to get some work done without having to go very far. I just went gym, and lately I have been feeling so lazy about it, but I just need to find new exercises I think. I also think it’s because I got used to the one in Norway, and I liked it better.

Now I’ll finish up here and then go home to shower! Hope everyone has a nice day ❤ (if not read my post from yesterday haha, it might help you!)


Casual Outfit


Super casual outfit from yesterday. I was wearing jeans earlier, but felt like I should take advantage of the nice weather now that it’s here. Which was good because now it’s gone… So I changed and ended up with a comfy skirt and my adidas jumper around my waist just in case.

I have some videos from the Norway trip on my phone, so I was thinking I’ll try and mix it together and see if I can get some kinda vlog out of it. Will of course post it here if I do!