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Snaps from today. I work with Lava Art and did another look for them today! Always fun and I do really like working and being more creative with makeup, but the best part is when I’ve filmed and taken my pics – then taking off the lashes and everything else before I put moisturiser on a fresh and clean face.

My almost monthly cold (what it feels like) is back and I’m just praying to get better before I got to Berlin this week!! To see my unbiological sisters 😉 It’s so cool how they decided to move there, and I’m so excited to experience Berlin for the first time!

Australia is also coming up… In almost just a month! It’s going to be my new home?! How crazy… Will probably write more about the process and everything that comes with it if you are interested. No job or apartment has been found yet, but I’m getting pretty used to just going with the flow.

A different post, more of a little update – but to be honest I’m sitting here in bed ready to make some green tea and finish editing some videos before I try and get my sleep so I can feel better!! I just wanted to check in and write a little something. I do want to know if you would want me to do a video though, I could do a makeup video showing my favourite look for you guys if interested ❤ Let me know!

Also if you’re a true crime freak like me, start listening to true crime podcasts! So far I’ve listened to Dirty John and Dr. Death that I would recommend! Please let me know if you know any really good ones.

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What’s Going On?!

If you’re reading this you have probably noticed it’s my first blog post in a long time! I took a very needed break. I was really sick, and had to book a new flight home because I was too ill to get on the plane. I’m just now getting better, still not completely fine. I’ve been really jet lagged and spent the hours awake during the day with my mom and Dan. I just kind of put everything away for a little bit, social media and any work – no gym, no nothing. I think my body just said stop after everything that was going on in LA and I needed to just let my body and mind rest for a bit.

I’m soon back to normal, and tomorrow I’m leaving again! Gran Canaria for Christmas, with my mom ❤ I will update this blog, but more than anything I will focus on YouTube from now on. I’ll be posting all new content on here, including modeling work and photoshoots, outfits… I also have other fun things coming up, and I just need to get back to working hard so everything can turn out how I want it! I really missed writing though, and updating on here – it’s something I really enjoy.

Stay tuned! Good things will come!

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Pictures From My Tough Time In Modeling

Forget Me Not VIMG_6534Forget Me Not VII

This is some of the professional photos I took from my first trip to Athens. I remember how freezing cold I was and how I just wanted to go back to the modeling apartment and put my hoodie on and drink some hot tea… When I look at these pics I feel pain. I wanna hug that girl and tell her that “Yes, you do have problems right now. This is not normal and you know it deep down but you just don’t want to realise. Going down this road is making you so unhappy and ruining all the reasons why you started in the first place. You are beautiful and all you ever need to do is be yourself. Do that and see how life will change for you.”


I remember I used to love this pic. I was so tiny 😭 This was in Milano though, I had actually gained some weight and thought I was going in the right direction even though I hadn’t made that big changes…


Still in Milano – look how huge my head is compared to my little body. It’s crazy what you can’t see until later.

So there’s some pics for you as well. I have “worse” but tbh I don’t like looking at them. It’s like I was brainwashed and had no way of seeing the reality of what I was doing to my body. If you want to know more about this whole story with modeling just watch my videos about it here 👇🏼

This is me now – both proffesional pics and then just me. 

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Happy and strong ❤




Photo: Tim Copsey

I think these photos have to be one of my favourites from this shoot! They are so natural in a way – just me sitting drinking coffee and looking outside at people and daydreaming like I always do. I also love the mix between the reflections from outside and all the colours from the cute little bakery.

So what am I doing these days? To be honest I’ve been so ill I have only been able to stay in bed… Fever and the worst cold. I think yesterday was the worst day so hopefully I’ll only get better from now on. I just need to! I have work in the next days and I’m also going to Oslo on Thursday. Just trying to be good and rest as much as I can. I know it’s really important with enough sleep and food – but to be honest I’m boiling all the time and my head hurts, and I’m also having the worst nightmares when I first manage to sleep so it’s not really easy… When it comes to food I feel so dizzy getting up so most of what I’ve eaten is coconut ice cream.

Perks of having your own blog? I get to do some complaining when I’m ill, haha. Won’t be much more of that now, just had to let you guys now how my days have been.

Hope you all are well and healthy ❤