My Best Workout Tips


  • Find your own thing! Cardio, weights? Intervals, powerwalks, crossfit? I used to only do cardio (mostly because modeling had gone to my head), but now I’ve realised how much I love weight lifting. I also love intervals or running outside to clear my head. It always helps! But it needs to be outside, if not I just find it way too boring.


  • If you’re feeling super annoyed, angry, frustrated or sad – put on some power music and get to the gym to do your favourite exercises. I always feel like it in some way gives me my strength and power back. I can go back home, take a nice shower, put on some cozy clothes and think new thoughts with a much clearer head.


  • Good music or podcasts! Sometimes I want music that makes me give that last push, but somedays I get bored so easily and it can be more of a struggle to go – that’s when I love my podcasts. I usually listen to true crime, and having something interesting to listen to as I make my way to the gym and also do my exercises makes it so much easier on a more slow and unmotivated day.


  • Try new exercises! Ohhh so many times have I gone into a pattern of just doing the same things over and over… You get so bored. Trying new things is always a good idea, and it can easily make you go more often and generally do more work at the gym. Or outside. I find that if you look up the right pages on Instagram you can get some good, new ideas!


  • Consistency. If you want results, you can’t just do some sort of exercise once a week every month. It does take some dedication and discipline. The main thing for working out should be staying healthy, but even with that there’s many of us that keeps on saying “I don’t have time”.  You need to plan. Sometimes it might take an early morning or a late night to just get it done. Or if you don’t want to spend the morning or evening at the gym, it might take you putting your gym clothes in your bag for after work. Or that you get up from that couch one hour earlier instead of laying there with your phone in your hand, just scrolling.


  • It needs to be healthy. Too healthy can quickly get very unhealthy. I know. And I know a lot of you guys know. If you’re stressing too much about it, if you feel like you’re losing yourself in any way or that you’re just not okay with the whole food, gym, healthy, strong thing – then stop. Stop and talk to someone who will be there for you to listen and help you out. It should be something you do for the health of your body and mind, it should never go the other way ❤ That will never make you happy. It’s so important to not exclude the life you love to live just because you exercise. Pizza, snacks and lazy days are still so important.
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Let’s Talk About Food

When you’re young it’s easy to not consider the importance of taking care of your body and the consequences it might bring you later if you don’t. Choosing good, healthy, and sustainable food has multiple benefits. It benefits you. It benefits the animals. It benefits the environment. Our planet.

As a 17 year old, I got the opportunity to travel as a model. Before traveled, I got “trained” in the modeling industry. My mother agency (your base model agency) that I was with at the time, was telling me what I had to do to be “good enough”. I always knew in the back of my mind that what I was doing to my body was not healthy or good in any way, and my body also tried to let me know – but my ambition and dreams were bigger, and I eventually got very good at convincing myself and everyone around me into thinking that I only did what was necessary, in a “healthy” way. 


Photo: Susanne Pettersen

The reason why I’m using a lot of quotation marks, is because it later became obvious to me that the food I ate and didn’t eat, left huge marks on me. The way you choose to nurture your body – what food you put on your plate – is the most important choice you make for yourself, and you take that choice every single day.

Now I know that it does not matter if someone is –  older, younger,  more successful or powerful – than you, it does not mean that they know what’s the better choice for you and your health. Listen to your body. Food is the drive for all your thoughts, strength, ambitions – your life and everything it involves. 

Be aware. Be aware of how much or how little you’re giving to your body, be aware of what happens to your body when you choose to give it hot dogs and Coca Cola, and most of all what exactly it is you are allowing your body to use as fuel – what it consists of. 

As a 15 year old I could not get myself to understand the importance of the right nutrition. Looking back I see now that I felt invincible and did not think that any of the choices I made regarding food back then could ever have the power to stay with me forever.

I tried to convince myself and everyone around me. I became good at that. Until it all became too visible. Until my body said stop. 


Photo: Susanne Pettersen

It will always, eventually, come to a point where the body forces you to stop or you’ll break down – completely. Either it’s too much food, too little, or too toxic… It comes to a point where it’s too late and you can’t just go back and “fix” what you have done to your body. The body that always tries to protect you, fix you and tell you when something is not right. You only get so many chances to listen. 

So what did all of this give me? What happens when a young, healthy and strong body suddenly stops eating after seven in the evening? What did it do to a happy girl full of ambitions, life and dreams when food became her worst enemy? When she chooses to exclude natural carbohydrates like rice and potatoes from her diet because then “I’ll be thin enough”?

It gave me pain. It gave me a lifelong illness, ulcerative colitis. A stomach constantly fighting against something that’s not there in the first place – leaving me with unnecessary pain that will never leave. Making it more important than ever to give my body the right nutrition, and giving me no opportunity to neglect my body any more, because only the best will help me. It gave my mom tears and fear. It gave my friends a distant friend that slowly disappeared. It gave me sadness and emptiness, tears and loneliness. 

It also gave me something else. It gave me a lesson, a tough and lifelong one, but a lesson. It gave me an understanding.

We all have a responsibility. I have a responsibility. 


Photo: Susanne Pettersen

Bad food and food habits pose a bigger threat to health globally than tobacco, alcohol,  drugs and unsafe sex combined, but while there’s an age limit for alcohol and warnings about death on cigarettes packets – what is there for food? Toxic, unhealthy food? Nothing. There are commercials for it. It’s on kids menus.

There are so many people out there today that have a complex relationship with food – and I used to be one of them. It is difficult, tough and all-consuming. 

I wish I would have been kind to my body. I know for a fact I would have appreciated everything so much more. Everything that gave me real and true happiness. The new countries, the amazing people, every single experience. The things that still give me butterflies looking back at.

I would love to be able to go back in time and have a long conversation with myself, but then again – I am here now, a lot wiser, and with so much more experience. That counts for something. 

Imagine if we all could get rid of those thoughts… Take away all of those “this makes me fat, we have eaten meat since forever, it doesn’t affect me”… Imagine if we could change it into “what is actually good for my body, what will give me the correct nutrition, how can my body function the best way possible”… – And from there knowing that all the positive changes will show on both the inside as well as the outside.

The world isn’t where it should be when it comes to plant-based and sustainable food, but together we could all get further. We are the ones who can make a change. Everything is about what we want, what we are buying, what we need. What if we could ask for the best, not just for us, but for the earth as well?


Photo: Susanne Pettersen

But how can we make it simple? We constantly have newspapers, bloggers, nutritionists, parents, teachers and even doctors telling us one thing is good one day, then bad the other day.

What is good food? Food that is good for your health, for animals and people in the supply chain – for the planet?

Food journalist for NYT Michael Pollan summarises the science and says that the short answer to what us humans should eat in order to stay maximally healthy is – “Eat (real) food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Less is more. Less ingredients, less food additives, less mass produced products that can stay in your cabinet for months without turning bad. And yes, less meat.

More simple, clean and natural foods. Food that grows, that doesn’t come in a box and that has ingredients you know of. Food that can rot. It’s a natural and good sign. Eat more plants, seeds and grains.

When you are stuck with an illness and your only option is to eat what in reality is good for the human body, and not what people necessarily tell you – you start to realise the importance and huge impact it has, which is hard to see when you’re constantly getting pulled in different directions the second anyone talks about the word “healthy”.

The reasons why I have been eating more plant-based food in the past years have been the welfare of the animals and for my own health. I have also had many discussions with my closest people about it, and a lot of them, I surround myself with today,  have gone through a journey of their own and found reasons to choose a more plant-based lifestyle, which makes me very happy now that I know how much the food you eat can affect your health. Through documentaries I have learned how the meat industry affects the environment and our planet. Globally it is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and in developed and emerging countries it is perhaps the leading source of water pollution. It truly needs more attention. Recently is has made an even bigger impression on me, as I now know more about the impact is has on our planet. By meeting Gunhild Stordalen, Executive Chair and Founder of the EAT foundation, I have been inspired to learn, read and educate myself more on the environment side of it all.

Please – love yourself by choosing the right daily fuel. Last, but not least – Don’t forget about our planet!  


Photo: Susanne Pettersen

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Vegan Food Heaven – In Oslo?!

Er det en ting jeg har savnet etter at jeg flyttet fra London, så er det gode melkefrie og veganske mattilbud. Det er jo det typiske veganske “kjøttet” og laktosefrie tilbudene, eller merker som Oatly, som egentlig har veldig mye forskjellig, men butikkene holder seg bare til det samme – og det blir ganske lite i lengden.

Derfor blir jeg alltid så glad når jeg ser noen “ukjente” matbutikker og tar som regel alltid sjansen på å gå inn for å se om jeg finner noe nytt.


På Majorstua fant jeg helt tilfeldig Jacob’s. Jeg vet ikke om det er en populær matbutikk eller om mange allerede vet om den, men jeg har i alle fall aldri fått med meg at den eksisterer.

Jeg gikk på leting etter en hylle med litt forskjellig av veganske og vegetariske tilbud, men det tok ikke så lenge før jeg så massevis av både kjøttfrie alternativer, vegansk iskrem, drikker, oster – det meste egentlig.

Jeg blir helt ærlig som et barn i en lekebutikk når jeg finner så mye bra mat som jeg kan spise (uten melk) og som i tillegg er plantebasert. Jeg tenkte selvfølgelig at jeg måtte tipse dere om det hvis dere bor i Oslo, eller bare kommer hit nå og da.


Jeg har selvfølgelig ikke prøvd alt sammen, så jeg kan ikke anbefale eller ikke anbefale (med unntak av noen ting), men jeg tenkte å dele noen bilder av alternativer de hadde slik at dere får se om noe frister, også deler jeg mine tanker om de produktene jeg har prøvd.


Denne har jeg allerede fått prøvd, og sammenlignet med flere andre yoghurter med soya er den mye bedre. Jeg har virkelig savnet noe rask og enkelt som jeg kan ha med granola, men som smaker godt og ikke er havremelk eller soyamelk. Denne anbefales!



For et fint syn ❤


Denne er utrolig god! En av mine favoritter så langt.




Her har dere produkter jeg ikke har prøvd enda, men jeg kjøpte med meg noe av det hjem – så jeg kan oppdatere dere på instagram når jeg har fått testet det ut.




Enda flere veganske produkter.


Min favoritt! Jeg elsker soya latte og kaffe generelt, så denne er helt perfekt nå som det er så varmt. Anbefales på det sterkeste!


Et supert valg hvis du har lyst på sjokomelk. Digger Oatly!

Her har dere altså noen av produktene, og litt om de som jeg allerede har fått testet ut. Positivt overrasket så langt! Det var enda flere produkter selvfølgelig, spesielt veganske alternativ til kjøtt – så hvis du vil ha litt mer vegetariske og veganske tilbud i matveien vil jeg virkelig anbefale å ta turen innom Jacob’s. (Ikke sponset, selv om jeg gjerne skulle ha blitt det).

Gjerne skriv til meg hvis dere vet om noen flere steder som dette rundt om i Oslo. Da blir jeg veldig glad ❤

This post is mostly me showing my Norwegian readers a food store I found the other day in Oslo, with loads of vegan options. I get so happy and excited when I find things like this, especially here in Norway where there’s usually just the same options in every store. That’s also one of the reasons I love to travel – there’s always so many different foods and options. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, and also if you know of some really good ones – or if you know of a really cool place to visit where there’s loads of nice, vegan or vegetarian food. I would love to know! 


My tip for keeping a fresh glow all year!



Anyone who knows me also knows that I really don’t like tanning beds (most of all because it’s so bad for your skin and body!), but they also know how much I like having a bit of a tan and glow all year round. Living in places like London or Norway makes it difficult to get a fresh glow most of the time, so I turn to self tan. It’s so important to me that it leaves a natural result and also that it’s very quick and easy.

I’m so happy I got the chance to test out the Self-Tanning Treatment from Swiss Clinic. It’s a two step treatment that leaves your face looking naturally tanned and fresh. On the photos you can see the results from using it for only three days. After you get the colour and glow you want you only need to use the products for about two times a week.


The treatment consists of two products – the Self Tan Drops and Self-Tan Pads. I use the self tan drops in the morning after washing my face, and the self-tan pads in the evening after removing my makeup, it also gives your skin moisture and you’ll wake up with an even tan!


You can find the treatment HERE and my discount code for you guys is “SWISSCLINIC21Y” to get 20% off!


BEFORE AND AFTER PICS – What Did I Look Like When I Was “Perfect” In The Modeling Industry?

So I have told you in videos about my first meeting with the modeling industry, which you can find here if you haven’t seen it yet, and I started thinking… You know, I actually have quite a lot of pictures – why don’t I show you guys before and after?

So lets start… In these pictures I was actually told I was “perfect” and how everyone wanted me in the industry. I had just came from Athens and had recently been at my skinniest, on the pictures I was in Milan and had started to gain a bit of weight but damn I was still struggling a whole bunch looking back at it. Not eating, binge eating, “fixing” it with only drinking juice the day after… All these things coming back to me like HOW did I think it was ok and normal?! It’s almost like I forgot it all until I start really thinking about those times. So here you see a sad girl really struggling inside but still being told she’s “perfect”. Messed up, right?


This was apparently the “perfect” size for me in the modeling industry… Being skinny like that does NOT make you happier by the way, if you were wondering. It’s all about self love, and when you are told you have to be a certain way and you choose to listen to others and change your body after their words, you have lost yourself and there’s no love left. This was in 2014. If you watch my video there’s my information about how I was struggling, and for how long.







Then here I am todayyyy! Still doing modeling, still doing what I always wanted – more than ever actuaully. I’m working towards what I want, I love myself and I’m just enjoying food, weights, everything that brings me happiness! I have always had a passion for working out but always felt like I had to restrict what I could do because of modeling, I was wrong! To me I do not want to do high fashion modeling, and modeling is not everything to me, not at all. I have so many things I’m working towards and even bigger goals. I’m not trying to get told how to live my life by an agency that doesn’t understand me, I’m gonna do my own thing and be surrounded by people who respect that. I do weights, get stronger, see results of my hard work while feeling happy about it and it’s actually pretty fucking nice having my booty back, because it has always been there, I just literally starved it away which is so sad. It has obviously grown as my strength has grown as well, which is also pretty cool.


Feel free to share! And if you have a story to tell or you want to talk or anything feel free to reach out or just leave a comment ❤ Loving yourself is always the most important thing.

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Pictures – Intense Workout & Santa Monica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It’s been so long since I’ve done this, but it’s such a good workout! Met up with Emma yesterday like I said and had an intense workout before we went to eat. I got to see a new area as well, which is cool! If you want to follow me even more on my journey here and see more personal and everyday things you can add me on snapchat: martefre.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Here you can see the amazing acai bowls as well! I’ve had one earlier when I just got here, but this one was soooo much better! We had it at Rawberri in Santa Monica, and I will for sure be going back there.

This is what happens when you go out but don’t drink too much, haha. Had such a nice day and I know I would’ve just been laying in bed if I didn’t keep to just a few drinks. For sure so much better like this!