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8 Things I’m Grateful For

So I thought I would do a little post about things I’m grateful for – which kinda turned into not just things. Hope you like it!

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  • Growing up in Norway. When I was a kid I always wished I was living somewhere in USA because I felt I would have a lot more opportunities to do different and bigger things, which is probably true, but looking back I’m so happy I got to just be a kid and grow up in such a safe and good country.
  • Getting to know my dad. Like a lot of other families it’s been a lot of different things going on. As I got older I’ve gotten a more mature way to see things and life, and I’m happy that I do get to spend time with my dad and that he’s now a part of my life. It means a lot to me.

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  • At times I get annoyed at myself because I can literally hear myself say and sometimes do the things I always get annoyed at my mom for saying or doing. But if there’s one thing I’ve said my entire life it’s that I would be so happy if I became half the person my mom is, and I’m so grateful for everything she’s taught me and for having such a beautiful person both on the inside and outside as a mom.
  • This is almost becoming a family thing right now but I also want to say my brother. Seeing him grow into the person he is today, and him soon becoming a father. Looking back at us both years ago, and then again today I get this sad/happy feeling. We have grown so quickly and now we’re basically “adults”, but at the same time we’ve turned out pretty good I would say. I can’t wait to be an aunt ❤ Will be the proudest one!

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  • Changing from a “shy” person to a person who speaks up. That’s a huge thing for me right now – I speak my mind and I don’t just let things pass if I feel like something’s not right. If you read my previous blog, you would know it wasn’t really ever about shyness – I wrote the post in Norwegian so I’ve been thinking I need to translate it so more people can understand.

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  • Having struggles and knowing that life’s never perfect. We all experience hard times – some people less, some more. To be honest I’m grateful for all the hard times and struggles. It’s made me tough and it’s made me realise how much I can do for myself – how strong I am and what I deserve. I know people who’s taken themselves for granted, looking back later they might realise what they should have done for themselves or what they deserve, and I have also learned from that. There was a time where I never got to be the person I really am because of different things, but I think that’s what makes it so important to me know. To be me and be proud of it.

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  • I would love to say “knowing what life’s about”, but hey – I’m only 20 years old, I have so much to learn still and I’m very aware of that. But I do want to say I’m grateful for the way I have learned to look at life. I know I got this one time to spend with the people I love. I know I got to appreciate it. I know I have to listen to what I want – not expectations or other peoples opinions about it. I wouldn’t want to waste time chasing other people when I have such a good person right next to me, growing and learning both together and apart. The people I let in will always be a huge part of my life and I will always be grateful for them.

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  • You can say a lot of things about friends – but when they become family, that’s something else. Something you should always appreciate. I’m so grateful for growing up with a friend by my side, someone I know will always be there through thick and thin. You’ll never feel completely alone no matter what you’re going through and that’s something that’s not given, that’s really special.
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A Day In Oslo


Some snaps from Oslo today! Had some really good veggie food at Egon outside. Was a bit cold and started raining earlier, but right before I had to leave the weather was so nice. Now back to Bodø and the cold. But also Dan and Mom so it’s not so bad ❤

Would have liked to stay longer with Mathilde because we’re always in different places it seems like and never get to have enough time together. It’s always about prioritising time though, and I think no matter what you’re doing or how much you’re working in life we all should remember we only got this time to spend with the people we love – so that should always be something to focus on. Being happy will always be the most important.

Like I said I woke up really early today and it has been the longest day. I’m now back in my house ready to eat and chill and send some emails. Hope everyone’s good!

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Today Through My Phone

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This has been such a nice day! Finally got to see my brother again, and meet his girlfriend – so weird to think that he’s going to be a dad soon, but I know he’ll be a great one ❤

For you guys who don’t know we’re at my dad’s right now, and we’ll stay here for a week. The plan is to go fishing, work out outside in these nice surroundings, chill and just enjoy summer. My dad has the cutest little kittens here and I also got to drive the huge car you see in the photo, haha. Fun!

In a week I’ll also get to see more of my family, so I’m really happy I ended up going here this summer. Also really happy Dan is with me – he makes it even better and I’m so glad everyone gets along so well. Means a lot to me!

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Us In Norway

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Was so nice to go out and finally see some of my old friends again ❤ Especially seeing how excited everyone was about meeting Dan. Made me so happy!

Today we slept in, me longer than him, and then had some not nice boiled eggs he made, haha. At least he tried.

Weather’s really bad today so we’re just chilling inside with Netflix, and soon we’ll go shop to buy some snacks and then go gym tonight. Such a cozy Monday ❤