Just Me & the Sunrise


My favourite part of the day will always be the morning. The mornings when I can wake up, fix my coffee and breakfast, sit alone and do my work – work creatively with the things I enjoy like editing, writing and making plans for what I want to shoot or focus on next. Just a nice and peaceful time to take in new ideas and inspiration.

Fresh coffe, low music, notebooks.

My inspiration for 2019. Maybe I would be able to start every day this way by next year.



Good, Important Changes


For the last year (++) I have been lifting weights and from that I’ve become both more strong and curvy, which I honestly feel so comfortable with. I am so happy that I’ve gotten to the stage I have, just thinking back at how I started my modeling career now seems like a completely different world to me. I am so happy for my experience through the good and the bad.

I actually start a new job on Monday – where I can still use my experience as a model, be strong and exactly how I am, and for once really understand and see a different side to the fashion industry. More of the business side and the parts behind it all. Being part of a company and a team, not just a model and a mannequin.

It’s so crazy how things work out sometimes. You really don’t know what the next day will bring until it’s here. Suddenly I have a job I really wanted and an apartment in Sydney. I’m grateful.

It’s currently 03:03am here and I have been looking at “awkward moments” videos on YouTube for too many hours now. I started off with someone singing and now I’m way past that. Time to go to bed.


It’ s also my birthday on Saturday and I have no idea what I’m doing. Dan has planned something so I’m just gonna be excited and wait ❤

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Put The Work In


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Outfit from Boy London… Love the colour and the trousers.

Currently doing my best to make plans happen and goals reached. It can be difficult when there’s so many things you just have to do, even though it takes a lot of you and it’s not what you “really really” want to do or spend your time doing. Priorities! Priorities and planning is so important. And living. Just living and enjoying. Time after time we get our question answered; “Does success, money and power make you happy? Are you happier now that you are where you wanted to be?” No. It’s the moments, the laughs, the people – the living part of it all.

So work your ass off for your dreams, laugh your ass off with your friends, and work your ass in the gym – my best tip 😉

I think you all understand though, it can be difficult at times – but a hard worker with time for family and friends, and a healthy functioning body will always be happiest ❤ Don’t just stick to one thing.


A Different Look

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFacetuneFacetuneA kinda different look for me. I think Gaby from Love Island inspired me a lot when it comes to hairstyles, it’s really different and a bit weird but still cool, haha.

Also summer sucks this year wherever I go it seems like so I had to show my freckles somehow. I think it’s super cute though.

What do you guys think?

I’ll try and start editing the vlog from our Norway trip asap, and I’ll also do a vlog this weekend! I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing later. Hope everything’s good ❤

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I’m In Star Wars






That’s what it looks like, doesn’t it?

I tried something different with my hair and I actually think it’s pretty cool. I wanted to make proper braids though, like before I start with the two buns, but I’ll need a bit more practice. Guess who inspired me to try it today? Gaby from Love Island, haha. Her hairstyles are always so cute. Also my friend Amy is a pro at these hairstyles, she even braids the hair in the back. Maybe one day…

With the dress it’s a bit too much because it goes so well with the hair in a bit of a weird way, haha. I like them both a lot separately though – both the hair and the dress.

I kinda had to do my makeup and all that today because I was doing a quick video for something else, so I thought I might as well take some pics at the same time.

Anyways – Dan just fixed the fishing line so in a bit we’ll go fishing! Last time I caught just one, so now it’s time to step up my game. Dan especially needs to do that as he didn’t even get one last time… I’ll take in consideration he’s only gone fishing twice in his life though.