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Video Shoot





Photo: @willtrillest

A few pictures from our video shoot yesterday. It’s for a music video and it’s going to be out very soon, so I’ll of course post it on here when it’s out. It’s quite different from what I’ve normally done, but you get into it after a while. No matter if it’s a video shoot or photoshoot there’s always a lot of waiting time, so it’s no doubt the best when I’m surrounded by fun people like yesterday.

Stay tuned for the video ❤

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What Have I Been Up To?! Photoshoots, Modeling, Filming…

My last week here is the busiest ever! I have so many pictures to show you guys as well, I’m really excited! So on Sunday I had an all day shoot with evening gowns at the most gorgeous place (you’ll see soon!), and yesterday I had another shoot and we ended up filming a lot as it’s mostly what the guy I was working with does, so there will be a video coming up – and there’s already some pretty cool clips out on my Instagram story if you haven’t already seen it! And then today I’m going to an exciting casting, and tomorrow another photoshoot! Lots of things going on. Really exciting and fun! Stressful, but in a good way.

I’ll update you more with new pictures and everything soon – now I have to run! Have a great day/evening/night ❤


Photo: @garretstone

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I Pranked Him!

Haha guyssssss I managed to prank Dan today! Poor baby ❤ I filmed it of course, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. There is a reason for it all as well, so you guys will just have to wait for the first video to come out – which will be asap, possibly tomorrow! So stay tuned on my YouTube channel and you’ll see a new Marte & Dan video ❤

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

And other than that I’m sick, of course… It always happens when I travel! Sooooo annoying. I’m just doing some work, editing, answering emails and stuff today so I’ll try and relax the best I can. Other than that I met Emma yesterday before I went out and we did a quick interval session running in the stairs before having the best acai bowls. Rawberri everyone, it’s such a good place!