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Modeling For Essue Clothing







Something I did in Los Angeles for Essue Clothing (@essueclothing).

My heart literally breaks a little bit thinking back to this weather right now! It’s so freezing where I am now, it feels like my face is going to fall off the second I step outside…

It was a very quick photoshoot actually, not very planned, but the locations did turn out very nice on pictures. If you only knew everything that’s outside the pictures, haha. It’s difficult to imagine for people only seeing the finished result, but there was highways, a gas station and lots of trash. It’s not always (almost never) as glamorous as it looks guys 🙂 Little secret for you to remember.

It is fun though, and especially seeing the finished results when you know how everything actually was!

I actually did my first job here in Oslo as well yesterday, for a fitness brand! A lot of fun for me as I’m working out a lot these days, and so nice being able to shoot in comfortable clothes like that. It’s not always the case, haha. I’ll of course share when they are out!

modeling · photoshoot

Tiara’s & Teddy’s

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Golldsmith Photography

I mean – look at this place! Some more pictures from my photoshoot in Los Angeles. Maybe you’re starting to see what I meant about this place. I love it.

Other than that I’m back home right now after spending the weekend in Oslo. I was so tired yesterday I ended up sleeping until 4 in the afternoon after landing. Very needed, but now I want to try and get back to normal routines – I always trying to avoid messing up my sleep because I usually get sleep paralysis… And if you haven’t experienced it I can just tell you it really is the worst thing.

New video coming out soon guys, so stay tuned!! Also doing something really exciting next month with Dan 😉 Will tell you more asap.

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Coolest Photoshoot Yet!



Makeup by @glamby_yessie on instagram.

Such a pretty look! I loved my makeup, especially the eyes! The whole day was so much fun, and it was so cool being able to take pictures next to, and on a camel. The whole location and surroundings just gave it the coolest vibe.

I have a lot of behind the scenes pictures, so here’s some for you guys! Really excited to show you the results.

First off you have to look at these! Soooo cute!



Little baby camel ❤








I did a vlog for you guys as well that will be out soon! Let me know what you think of the behind the scenes ❤


Like Silk

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I love that I got my eyes up for bralettes, and stopped wearing only normal bras – or to be fair when I first started with bras me and my bestfriend always used to buy the most padded ones you could find, haha… Those were the days.

I find bralettes so much prettier and for sure the most comfortable. No padding and no steel to irritate you or make it feel like your boobs can’t breathe (most girls would know what I mean).

So unless I have to because of work I always choose bralettes or no bra over a normal one. And now that summer is here I would recommend you guys to try out bralettes as well if you haven’t already – you could use it under your summer tops or just as it is on the beach or in the park!