Frisører får vel litt panikk når de ser dette, men utenom å farge det hos frisøren er dette det eneste jeg gjør. Finner fram en helt random saks og klipper opp håret rundt ansiktet. Jeg synes det blir så kjedelig når jeg har det slik som du ser på de øverste bildene, så da er dette løsningen min. Jeg foretrekker det egentlig når jeg har krøllet det og det blir litt mer “liv” i det. Er jeg hjemme får jeg alltid mamma til å klippe det litt i lengden også, det har aldri vært noe jeg orker å gjøre hos frisør. Jeg føler at de alltid klipper for mye, og i tillegg synes jeg det er så unødvendig å betale for å klippe av 2 cm liksom. Gjerrig dame, don’t hate me plz. (Jeg ser så sykt sur ut på det øverste bilder til høyre forresten, haha.)

Men til det aller viktigste som har skjedd i livet mitt siden sist; JEG HAR BLITT TANTE! For andre gang ❤ Jeg gleder meg sånn til å få møte han. Åh. Jeg er så utrolig glad for at vår lille familie blir litt større. Så stolt av både broren min og kjæresten hans.

Den siste tiden i Sydney har faktisk vært utrolig fin. Vi har vært mye ute, dratt til nye steder og egentlig bare kjent på en mye bedre følelse her. Jeg håper virkelig vi får muligheten til å spare opp og reise litt rundt i Australia før vi drar herfra, fordi det er så sykt mye mer for oss å se og oppleve.


Hvor ofte klipper dere håret, og drar dere alltid til frisør eller gjør dere det hjemme? 


We’re Moving Again!

Our permanent apartment won’t be ready until next Saturday, and as we couldn’t stay in the current Airbnb until then, we had to book another one for the four days before Saturday. That means moving again, packing up all the clothes and even food we’ve bought this time – which is annoying, especially since I’ve started work as well, but it’s all gonna be worth it on Saturday! So far it’s all going very good, I just really can’t wait until we’re properly settled into our new home.

I was off this weekend, and it was so nice getting that Friday feeling again – being able to sleep in and just experience more of Sydney. We actually went to Manly to eat and have some cocktails, before we went back home to change and go out in central. If you like Hip Hop or R&B I recommend going to The Cliff Dive. I have been there twice now and both times it’s been good music and just good vibes. If you want to sit and have a table you would probably have to come early, but it’s a place for mostly dancing so if that’s your type of nights out you’ll be fine.

Today has been a more chill day, pizza and sleeping in – but we actually felt so good despite going out we decided to go to the gym as well. The nicest thing without a doubt is the jacuzzi after, it’s going to be so sad to leave behind.

I also contacted a few modeling agencies today, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with someone this week. It’s not always the easiest thing finding the right modeling agency as there’s so many different ones, but the main thing is always finding someone who understands you and what you want to do.


This is a photo taken from the ferry the other day, I love how you basically can take boats how you take trains to go places here. I also need to tell you about my birthday last week in a different post, so stay tuned! I hope everyone has (or had) a nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world.





Arrived In Sydney




Finally we are here! It was such a long journey to get here but so worth it. I can’t say we have seen too much yet, but there’s a lot that reminds me of LA – only cleaner and less crazy, haha. We have already seen one apartment, and are looking at more tomorrow, sorted out SIM card and bank account – so I would say we’ve gotten a lot done for just one day. It’s always quite a few things that needs to be sorted out when you move somewhere new, so the best thing is always to start as soon as possible. The jet lag is still a bit of a struggle, but that’s just how it is. I’ll update more very soon 💕

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How Long Am I Staying? Where Am I Going Next?





Thank you so much for all the love after my previous post ❤ It’s amazing, and I hope some of you got inspired and realized how important it is to work on yourself and the love you have for yourself – because if you dont have that you’ll never be happy no matter what you look like.

So in two weeks I will actually be back home in Norway at this time! That’s crazy! I can’t believe my time here is almost up already… I’m so happy about what I’ve made happen with such a short amount of time though, not even two months. And I can’t wait to come back here! I’ve figured out the answer to the question which was part of the reason why I came here – and that was if this is the place I need to be in my life right now – and yeah, looks like this is where I should be.

When I get back I will only be home for about a week, and then I will go to Gran Canaria. My mom and I has this tradition that we always go somewhere together once a year for a girls trip and to spend time together, which we’ll always keep doing ❤ It’s been a while since our last time, so I think it’s gonna be really good.

Right now I’m making the most out of my last weeks here, and then I’m so excited to come home and see Dan who’s back home working right now! Before this the longest we had been apart was actually only two weeks, and that is literally from the second we first met – ever, haha. Crazy!

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Did You Come Here With A Dream?

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Local time LA: 23.10

Why did you make me think about you the whole night? Why couldn’t I just let it go?

Was it because you looked a little bit cleaner? A little less “crazy”?

I know I have from my mom. This thing about always thinking more of a person, any person. I can meet someone for a second, but I’m stuck thinking about their lives – what they have been through – who they are behind closed doors – dreams, fears… At times I try to shut it out because it can all get too much, and sometimes people have bad intentions, but still – it doesn’t mean they are bad people, or have been a bad person their entire life.

You walked past me on Hollywood Boulevard and I think I looked at you for two seconds. And I’m here in my apartment two days later, but suddenly you crossed my mind again. Your eyes looked sad, your beard a bit dirty, and your white T-shirt like you’ve used it for too many long days, and too many tough nights. You still walked with your back straight and head up, but you didn’t look me in the eye – and you didn’t talk to yourself or shout. You just kept walking.

You are just like me. You came to this world so innocent and so full of life. How do I get to walk right past you to a warm bed, and you go on your way in the dark looking for a safe little corner to spend the night before waking up to do it all again? Did you give up? Did someone give up on you?

Did you come here to chase your dream?

Maybe I should have turned around and asked you. Maybe you would’ve been happy. Maybe your story isn’t how I thought at all, but it would still make you happy. Wouldn’t it?

I’m sorry. Sorry that I let others that I walk past make my decision for me. That it’s better to leave you and not say anything, or ask you. Sometimes they just don’t know what’s going on anymore, and I’m just left to wonder – knowing I wouldn’t get an answer. But I know it’s not always like that.

I hope you found a safe place tonight.

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I Was Almost Put On A Plane Back Home

Local time LA: 11:05 am

The absolute craziest thing happened and I literally had the worst and best luck in the world at the same time. I was even told that I most likely would be put on a plane back home and never be able to return to America…

I have vlogged my whole journey as you can see in some of the screenshots above, and I will tell you more of the story then. 

As of right now I just had breakfast at a place in Hollywood boulevard, and can’t wait to go out in the sunshine and experience a lot more. Also I can’t wait to tell you guys about how I’m finding it and take cool pics! Just need to settle in a little bit first ❤