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Why Didn’t I Talk?

So I know I have had a lot of people come across my blog after this post. My mom posted it in a group on Facebook and showed me all the response which was incredible. Incredible and tough. It was tough to see that there’s so many struggling. I just wanted to let you all know that you can contact me whenever with any questions you have. I’m happy to share more of my experience and how I managed to get better, to answer any questions or just listen.

I’ll share my other platforms here as well if you want to continue and follow my journey or contact me on any of them ❤️

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Can’t help but laugh a bit of this pic. Me and the guy that made it so difficult for me to go pursue my dream 🙂

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Positive And Negative Sides To A Long Distance Relationship

Some of you are probably thinking “What, positive? How can there be any positive sides to it?”

So let’s start with the negative things, which I think some of you might have experienced.

  • You can’t be close! It’s starting to get so annoying only looking at Dan but not being able to cuddle or just touch his hair… Lol. He’s like right in front of me on facetime, but still so far away.
  • You can’t do those everyday things together. Like making breakfast, working out, watching series before bed, and just being weird together. That’s a thing I really, really miss 😦
  • Missing out on memories and experiences together. Especially now that I’m in a new place and I know how much he would love it. I experience new things all the time and there’s so many cool things we could do here together. I can tell him about it, but it obviously won’t be the same because it’s not like actually being here.
  • Fear, worry and insecurity. I know this is a big problem in a lot of long distance relationship. “Where is she?” “What is he doing?” It’s so important to communicate with each other and not just sit on the other side of the world overthinking and questioning, instead of talking and bringing up any fears, worries or insecurities. Dan and I talk everyday and even though it is a challenge being so far away from each other, we both do our best to make it as easy as possibly on the other part.
  • Missing anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations… That’s moments where you really want to have your gf or bf next to you and be able to share it with them. So far we weren’t together for our 1 year anniversary and we’re most likely not going to be together for my birthday either (even though I hope so I have to believe it!!)

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❤ Here’s the positive sides to it:

  • You get to find out how strong you are. How powerful the relationship is. If you really love someone you should be able to still be in a relationship even though you’re timezones away. If there is an important reason for the person being away, and the other part not being able to come – we should still make it work and not be selfish about wanting the person to be close all the time when it affects important aspects in their life.
  • You get to miss each other. I never intended to literally start living with Dan so quickly, and not to forget the first months we were staying in his room. And that is a TEST. Living in a room with someone is a lot because you’re in each others space all the time (I need alone time to function properly). I still think everyone needs to breathe and be okay on their own, obviously still in the relationship, but remembering they are their own person. I can be by myself, and do things without him – as he can do as well – and feel even more so how we value each other and care for each other. I think it’s important to be confident in each other and encourage one another to focus on their own things as well.
  • It’s so nice when you see each other again! I can’t wait to see him, and it’s gonna be soooo nice! I think it’s so weird that from the moment I met Dan the longest I have been away from him has literally been two weeks? Like from the moment I saw his face for the first time. That’s crazy to me, lol. Didn’t think I would wanna spend that much time with someone I’m in a relationship with, but there he was.

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Fun facts · Q&A


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If you’re wondering what I look like right now 🙂

Okay, so I found these would you rather questions on snapchat of all things – and as I’m already answering them in my head I might as well answer them here on my blog…


Never be able to taste pizza again OR have to eat a rotten egg every day for the rest of your life?

I loooove pizza, but… There is no way I could eat a rotten egg every day!! Or… How rotten? No I couldn’t… Pizza 😦

Eat an orange dipped in ketchup OR an orange dipped in mayo?

Well I don’t really have a choice here… Eating mayo when you can’t have lactose just doesn’t work so… Ketchup it is.

Only ever be able to eat things that are out of a tin OR only ever be able to eat things that you’ve grown yourself from scratch?

Hmmm… Tin food for the rest of my life? I think I would choose only eat things that I’ve grown myself. Would make it a thing. Move somewhere hot with a big garden, start up a shop, make a business out of it. Yep. Grow it myself.

Eat a human tongue OR have someone eat your tongue?

Eat a human tongue…

Chew old gum found under your school desk OR lick the floor of a public bathroom?

What public bathroom? 😦 Some are soo bad, but then again to chew gum from under my desk… I mean… Ah. How can I choose!! I would lick the floor where it’s closest to the entrance. Or if I could only chew the gum once? Then I would chew it.

On this one I would really like to know what you guys would have done? Tell me! Share the others with me as well if you want, I would really like to know, haha.

I would be happy if you guys would share your own “would you rather” to me, and I’ll answer them in a video next time! Let’s gooooo!