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I’m Back In London!

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After a short and nice, but tiring weekend back home I’m now back in London. Not enough sleep mixed with alcohol doesn’t always go well with me. I have always had a need to take enough time for myself when it comes to sleep and getting things done, as well as just relaxing because I do stress too much, so it’s important for me to have a “break” once in a while. And when that doesn’t happen I basically get ill, like I have been all day. That mixed with traveling is not a good mix.

But – I must say it was worth it. It’s been such a great weekend, and I’ll keep the nice memories!

Now I’m very ready to start a new week, new job as a hostess, and just work even harder! Also so good to see Dan again ❤ He makes me feel at home even though I just left. I remember Caitlin saying “the traveler found a home” when we started getting more serious. It’s kinda cute? If you like those cheesy things 🙂 Now we’ll go to the shop then fall asleep watching something.

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Our First Shoot Together!

So yesterday Dan and I had our first shoot together! My mom, who is actually pretty good has taken really cool pics of us earlier, but this time it was with a professional photographer. It was mostly Dan’s shoot though, but we got photos together and I got some as well. Was fun seeing him shoot ❤ Even though I’ve basically seen every pose after taking photos all the time, haha.

After that we had a nice night with veggie pizza and we watched Okja on Netflix. It’s a movie that I didn’t think I would like, but after watching the trailer I felt like I should give it a chance. And I really recommend it! It even made me tear up a bit. Friendship and connections between humans and animals is so underrated and I wish everyone could see how important and real it actually is, and I think people might get to learn more about the meat industry and how cruel it is by watching the movie as well – because there’s truth to what you see, and it’s not just in the movie. I hate it so much.

Anyways I’ll share the photos from the shoot with you guys as soon as we get them ❤ Here’s some outfit pics taken on my camera from yesterday!

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A Place In Norway

588EAF29-F1E6-495D-B52C-70609EB6A188.jpg110ECAD3-8513-483D-8F83-798356C60CC81CB07DE6-420F-4253-8DDF-CE796235EC0124E67AF3-9BA2-45AB-AE42-A66B0F0D9CF1From some random place in Norway, before we started our journey back to Bodø. I’m so used to places like that, but I can still see how beautiful it can be.

So how does it feel to be back in London? Better than expected. The first night when I was walking to Tesco to get some food after getting all my stuff inside I had this really good feeling just because I’m here and I do like this place a lot, the freedom and the oppurtunities. It’s all about doing something with it.

So today I’m back to being a hostess, and at the end of the week I might be booked for a modeling job. Either way I’ll not waste my days ❤

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Photos From Yesterday

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Some snapshots before we went out yesterday! Had a fun night yesterday, especially at the pre-drink, haha.

Love the outfit by the way, it’s so chilled but also nice to wear when I’m going out.

We had the laziest day today and I think I’ve almost fallen asleep every other hour. Right now we’re eating snacks and watching Breaking Bad. It’s gonna be so nice going to bed tonight, haha. It’s the best feeling when the room is cold and you’re super tired.

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Saturday Dinner

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Had my fav dinner today in Bodø – Indian! We went to the same place last time we were here as well. Also found a painting of me and Dan on a building, hehe 😉

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Tonight the plan is to go out and just have the best last Saturday here! Can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s crazy.

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday ❤

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Time for the things that might not always be so good when being in a relationship with someone from a different country. If you have experienced anything else or have other points to bring up – I would like to know in the comments!


  • Distance… There’s gonna be times where we’ll have to be far away. Me at home and him at home. But then again we can always make the choice to be in the same place. To go with the other person or stay with them. Sometimes it might be good to miss each other as well. It can make us remember how much we care for each other and appreciate the other person the way they deserve – sometimes people forget that when they’re with each other almost every day.
  • Sacrifices. There will be times where you’ll have to choose to sacrifice different moments and traditions and things you are used to – so you can be a part of the other persons life. It obviously has to be a two-way thing for it to last. IMG_1144
  • Language. There has been times where it’s been hard for me to explain exactly how I feel, and I have experienced getting frustrated because I just can’t seem to give the words I’ll be trying to say the same meaning as I would in Norwegian. There’s also been times where I’ve been trying for so long to find the word I’m looking for, haha. But hey – I’m speaking two languages and for anyone being from another country and learning english or coming somewhere you can only speak english, it’s impressive!
  • Differences. Growing up in a completely different country – then meeting and getting together in our twenties can bring on a lot of things we didn’t really think about. Our thoughts about the future, goals, aspirations – it’s something you can never expect from someone, it has to come from the heart. You can never make anyone want the same as you or have the same mindset, but if you’ve grown up in the same country or area it might be an easier understanding at times.  IMG_1195
Fun facts



Thought it might be fun to let you guys know some positive things about having a boyfriend from a different country! And don’t worry… the negative ones will come later, haha.


  • You get to practise speaking a different language a lot – and get better at it as well.
  • You get to experience their home country a lot different then what you would if you only visited for a holiday.
  • You learn about different cultures and traditions then what you are used to growing up.


  • You can speak your own language (in my case) without the other person understanding what you’re saying. It’s too funny, haha. Even though Dan can get annoyed sometimes. Which I understand. Not a positive thing for him.
  • Teaching each other a different language. I think it’s so much fun teaching him Norwegian and hearing him speak. I also get really impressed when he can kinda get what I’m saying when I’m just speaking.
  • Taking them home. Everything I’m used to is completely new to him. He can see the beauty in things that I see as so normal. I’ve loved every part of taking Dan home and showing him around. He reminds me how much beauty there is here and how amazing my home country is. It’s also the most fun experience seeing his reactions to all of it. I think this has to be my favourite thing about having a boyfriend from a different country. IMG_1239This is his expression every time he steps outside my house 🙂 🙂
  • You can learn a lot. I know every couple can do that because we all usually have different lives from before, different childhood, different friends and all that – but when you’re from a different country as well the differences might be even stronger. For us we have lived so many years in completely different places, so we have both learned a lot from each other and our previously experiences.
  • The last thing I would say is that I think we both very strongly value our relationship because the world is so huge and the fact that we ended up meeting is so crazy to think about. I’m very happy I ended up doing the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done – moving to London ❤