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Me And Him


I love these photos of us ❤ My mom has for sure learned some photography skills from taking photos of me for so many years.

I feel so grateful for having this guy in my life – and I think it’s so strange how I would’ve never have met him if I didn’t take that big chance by moving to London. It’s also strange to me how easy it’s always been for me to be myself around him, and how he gets on so well with the people that means the world to me and that I’ve always had in my life. We understand each other so well even though we are from completely different places and have had different lives – even though there’s still these things that makes us so alike. We both try to be the best we can be for each other, but also motivate one another to work hard and see our own potential. It’s so important.

We argue and fight, but that’s what happens when you love someone like that. I don’t ever think it’s healthy to never argue because it’s not real. You’re never going to agree with everything, and it’s a sign of love to me – I can’t just let something pass or not tell people I love what’s on my mind. That’s why you argue with the ones you care about.

So don’t ever think nothing good will come out of taking big chances, because the truth is you never know.

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Us In Norway

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Was so nice to go out and finally see some of my old friends again ❤ Especially seeing how excited everyone was about meeting Dan. Made me so happy!

Today we slept in, me longer than him, and then had some not nice boiled eggs he made, haha. At least he tried.

Weather’s really bad today so we’re just chilling inside with Netflix, and soon we’ll go shop to buy some snacks and then go gym tonight. Such a cozy Monday ❤

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So I finally managed to convince Dan to let me put makeup on him, haha. We did a video earlier where he did mine as you can see on my YouTube channel, so now I thought it was about time for me to do it.

I thought it was so funny – and as you can probably see in the video I was a lot more excited than him. Hope you like it and subscribe because more videos are coming! Let ut know if you have anything else you want us to do as well please!


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Photoshoot In Norway


So we had a little photoshoot today! The nature and scenery here is so nice so I always take a lot of outdoors photos when I’m here. Really nice being able to do that with Dan as well. We got some really nice photos together so I can’t wait to show you guys! Weather is a lot nicer today so it was perfect.

Later tonight we’re going to watch Wonder Woman. Dan is super excited and I’ll hopefully like it, haha. I’ll tell you about it after!

I’m also in the middle of uploading our YouTube video that we did yesterday so it will be out really soon! Subscribe to my YouTube account here to watch it first!