Just Me & the Sunrise


My favourite part of the day will always be the morning. The mornings when I can wake up, fix my coffee and breakfast, sit alone and do my work – work creatively with the things I enjoy like editing, writing and making plans for what I want to shoot or focus on next. Just a nice and peaceful time to take in new ideas and inspiration.

Fresh coffe, low music, notebooks.

My inspiration for 2019. Maybe I would be able to start every day this way by next year.


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New Pictures From LA!



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Photo: @garretstone

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s some pictures from one of my photoshoots in LA. Loved the outfits and the vibe on this shoot. You’ll get to see more really soon!

I’ve actually just finished packing, because tonight at 4am we’re going to the airport and leaving the heat and sunshine to go back home. I’m actually excited to go to the airport because there’s a Starbucks there, and as some of you know I don’t drink cow’s milk so it’s been a struggle getting coffee here – but finally!! Lol. And of course to actually get back home and see Dan and my friends again ❤ Excited to make new plans for this year as well! Got a lot to figure out.

This trip has gone by really quick and I wish we had weather like these last days in the beginning as well, but it’s still been an amazing time!

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Should I Change My Hair?



Some late night pics after the club the other day. I love faux leather – especially pants. They’re high waisted as well which is like the only pants I ever want to use because they always fits me the best I think – and they are perfect to mix with bodysuits or crop tops.

Yesterday we had a nice little Thanksgiving (my first one!) here in the apartment. We filmed for you guys as well so stay tuned for the vlog! I’ll add a video of me talking a bit about LA as well – my thoughts, experience, differences in people from London…

And another thing – I feel like I should change my hair?! I am originally dark blonde, but I’ve had brown/black since I was like 15 years old. Should I dye it blonde? Should I cut it short? What do you guys think?! I’m so indecisive about my hair, but I’ve had it like this for so long – the only difference is the change in dark shades or just cutting it a bit. It’s just hair right?! I wanna do something cool and different. I did a vote on my Instagram story but it looks like people would want me to keep it this way, I’m not convinced though…

I’ll go check out a little bit of the Black Friday sale at Urban Outfitters, then go get a coffee. Weather is amazing ❤

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Snapshots From Saturday!

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Some pictures from Saturday! From earlier in the day, evening and at 1 Oak. Love it when I have pictures to look back at!

Right now I’m currently at my fav spot, eating lunch and having coffee between agency meetings. And charging my phone of course. I’m actually going to Beverly Hills for the next agency so I’m thinking I might stay there today and explore a bit as I’ve never been there before! So far it’s looking good and I do think I have some opportunities here, so hopefully I would be able to come back after Christmas.

The weather is insane today by the way, it’s so hot! I’m thinking I really want to go down to the beach or something one of these days and just enjoy it. I’m running around a lot so I don’t really get the chance to enjoy it as much as I want. I mean, we’re in the end of October and I’m so not used to this.

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Clubs, Modeling, Friends – in LA

Local time LA: 13:26 pm

Hiiiii guys! Right now I am DEAD, I had two gym sessions this morning. I was supposed to have a pt session first but they didn’t show up so I went by myself. Then I went to meet Emma, a Norwegian girl that I actually haven’t met before, but we’re from the same place – so it’s really cool being able to meet her here! We met at a different gym and had a session together, so that’s the reason for my tiredness right now. 

Other than that I’m going out for the first time tonight, and from what I’ve heard I think I’ll like it. It’s the same thing with promoters and that, but obviously I’ve yet to experience it in LA. I’ll take photos tonight and tell you guys more tomorrow!

You guys might know that I’ll visit some agencies while I’m here as well, I’m trying to do more commercial now – and as LA for sure is the place for that there’s also a crazy amount of models here. Or at least everyone decides that they are. But I’m excited to get some more experience in the industy here, and it would be cool to come back to an agency here sometime down the road. 

I’ll take more pictures for you guys as well, don’t worry! I’ve just been filming the last part of the vlog and just kinda finished my “settling in” part. So stay tuned!

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Tonight In Pictures

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Some photos from today! I had a long conversation with mom, sometimes you need that – especially when you spend a lot of time away from each other and you haven’t talked about the important things as much as you used to just because of other silly things. It’s always important to take care of and value those closest and most dear to you! So important ❤ I’m very happy and grateful I’m so close to my mom, it really means everything to me.

We went out to eat one last time before I leave on Tuesday. I love days like this – being able to take time to get ready, and just have nice things planned.

I’m quite tired right now, but I’m actually gonna have a coffee and then go gym! I’ll probably have it mostly to myself on a Friday evening and I always prefer working out with less people. So lets goooo!

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Morning Vibes

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Almost finished packing my suitcase yesterday, so I’m getting there! Those are the things that will take most of my time now before I leave – planning and getting ready. As well as spending time with Dan and mom, and doing some more vlogs and some different shoots.

Now I’m gonna start making porridge (the Norwegian type) and go to the shop! Hope you’re having a great day!