In My Great Grandma’s Dress





Feeling proud to be able to wear this dress ❤ It’s actually 38 years old, and used to be my great grandma’s dress. She loved it so much and even though she’s not here to see me in it, I’m so happy I get to wear it. In these pictures you can see a little bit of my hometown and it’s beauty. It was actually -15 while taking these pictures so I wasn’t very comfortable, but I just had to pretend.

It might not be that much going on here, but I’m so proud to have such a beautiful hometown.


Here she is in the dress, with my aunt next to her ❤ I wasn’t even born at this time.


My First Time Seeing Her!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetSo we finished our 11 hour drive to get to Rissa – where I was born and my mom grew up. My dad is here and my brother as well – so I could finally see Lykke ❤

We went there yesterday as soon as we woke up and finished getting ready. She’s so tiny and beautiful😭 It’s still so unreal thinking about the fact that she’s my brother’s kid and he’s a dad now. She’s so lucky to be born with such amazing parents who both loves her so much. And auntie of course😍

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What Home Looks Like

To me…


Some photos from the other day when we went hiking! Got to see the sunset even though it was a bit cloudy. Love this short hike, it’s quite steep so you’ll still get high up even though it only takes about 20 mins up. I remember I used to run up and down 2-3 times in the summer when I lived here. Cardio on top!! Now I’m stronger though…

I LOVE Friday’s in Norway, haha. Everyone has this extremely strong Friday feeling and we all just go to the shop to buy something nice for dinner (usually taco) and then sweets for after, before we go home and watch tv or movies with our family or friends. I love it. And missed it! Sometimes in London I couldn’t tell a Friday from a Monday.

So now we just finished eating homemade pizza and we’re just sitting in the living room with the tv on and dimmed lights. Soon time to go to the shop to buy some snacks (should’ve done that earlier, but takes a bit of time to get back in the Norwegian vibe I guess). Have a nice Friday evening everyone ❤

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Already Back In Norway!

Yep… A bit over a week in London and now I’m back again. I was so lucky to get a free festival pass for when I’m here, and it’s perfect because it’s literally right outside my house. Also the weather is amazing. Can’t complain!

Started my day here in Norway with jumping (running if you saw snap or insta) into the cold ocean with some friends… It was so refreshing after.

I just love walking in the door here, everything just feels so good ❤ And it’s so beautiful here. I’m so happy I started seeing all the beauty after hating this place for some time – back when I didn’t realise it was never about the place, but about me and my life.

I’ll make sure to show you a lot of pictures of my time here ❤


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Where Are We?

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Definition of Norway right here, haha… We have been driving for 8 hours today, and we’re almost at our destination. We’re basically driving from North of Norway to the Middle of Norway. We stopped at a super cozy place and we’ll be staying over at this hotel, with all these cute huts as rooms. It’s so pretty around here, and I’ll probably take some more photos for you guys.

Also excited for breakfast tomorrow, haha. Hopefully a very nice hotel breakfast. Will forever be one of my favourite things when staying at hotels.

I’m actually not that tired because I slept in the car, so I’ll walk around a bit more – maybe see if there’s any shops near by.

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