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Try Out This App!

IMG_6705_LivelyCute?? Haha, saw this app on a Norwegian blog and thought I would try it out. You only have to turn on live on your photos and you can make your own cool gif from your pics. Cool, right? Thought I’d let you know in case you would want to try it. It’s called Lively as you can probably see.

I’m sitting on the bus on my way to work right now and I love seeing the sunshine outside. Please stay like this before I leave 😦 

Have a nice day everyone ✨✨✨


Shooting For An App!


Morning! These days I’ve been too tired, but I have realised I just need to step up so I can do the videos and pics and posts the best I can regardless. Coffee helps with everything 🙂

So today, before my hostess job, I’m doing a shoot with an app! I won’t tell you which one until I can show you the photos, but I think it’s gonna be cool. Also it seems like a pretty chill shoot which will be in Soho, so I’m excited.

Now I’m listening to New Music Friday and it always makes Friday mornings even better. I’ll jump in the shower and start getting ready!