Tourists In Sydney


Dan and I finally got the chance to be tourists today and explore more of Sydney! Soooo fun and I feel like I already love this city so much more when I don’t have to be running around looking at apartments all stressed out. It’s so beautiful here. We went out to eat near the Opera house and then went on to see the Botanic Gardens. Dan did his favourite thing – find different birds and film them. It’s really cool to see so many different animals here though! Can’t wait to see more. If it’s one thing I’ve been wanting to work with for my whole life it’s animals, either as a job or volunteering. I will for sure do it later on.

We went to see a few apartments yesterday that we ended up applying for, and it seemed like it’s gonna go the right way, so hopefully we can start fixing and decorating our home very sooooon ❤ I would be so happy.


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Pictures From Camel Photoshoot!


Photo: Tawny Horton


Photo: Jerome Satinsky


Photo: Black Z.E

Makeup @glamby_yessie Edits: me

Here’s three pictures from the camel photoshoot I was doing a little while ago. I love the last one! It’s so cool.

Today I’m gonna figure out some plans for my birthday (on Friday!!) and plan some posts, edit videos, answer some emails… Get a lot of things done and be productive in other words! I was so tired yesterday after going out, lack of sleep and everything so I spent most of it sleeping before going out to get Subway and watch a movie that I almost fell asleep to. I needed that day, but I always feel so much better when I spend my time working and focusing on important things. Stay tuned for a new video! Coming up soon ❤