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Workout Video?

Sunday in Norway, and I almost forgot how dead it is here compared to London. Almost everything is closed on Sunday and everyone stays inside with their hangover watching movies and films. Quite nice though.

For me it’s not a hangover kinda day, rather trying to be efficient kinda day. Just went gym and now I’m sitting here editing a video for you guys! Dan filmed me doing my favorite legs and glutes workout so I’m excited to show you guys! You’ll also see some of my results in the video. So happy I decided to start doing some weights instead of always running or doing cardio. That being said I don’t do that much cardio now, but I used to walk a lot in London just going to different places or working – so now I’ll make sure to do some hiking or running in nature while I’m here. It’s one of the things I love about my hometown.

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I Surprised Him!

Sooo I couldn’t really write it here until now as Dan reads every blog post, but I got my passport and visa two days ago and the ticket back to London yesterday was already booked.

I didn’t tell him of course, I told him I would come back on Friday – so I could surprise him! Most of all I wanted to scare him a bit first because he always scares me with the smallest things at times, so now I wanted to make him really scared by pretending someone was in his closet 🙂 🙂

You can all see my journey and how it went soon as I vlogged the whole day! Stay tuned ❤