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In The Local Paper – SM

Yesterday I was published in the local paper – I spoke about me being a semifinalist in Miss Norway 2018, but more than that I spoke about Selective Mutism. As i said earlier this year I really want to work harder to make people aware and more open when talking about mental health and also spreading the knowledge. Especially about mental disorders that is “forgotten” or just not known to most people, when it’s so much more common than what you would think if you haven’t heard of it before.

I talked about my personal experience and also how I want to use my voice in this competition to spread awareness. I know there’s a lot of you that started following my website both in America and England after previous posts about Selective Mutism, so I feel it’s important to share when something happens. Every step counts! Keep working hard ❤



Good Vibes

Creativity, growth, opportunities… Not everyone has the same opinions about Los Angeles – but there’s so much room to work on your goals and dreams if you’re open to new people and opportunities. You need to be sure of what you want, or at least know what direction you want to move towards. If you got that ready, and your ambition – it’s a good start.

People might think that it doesn’t matter where in the world you go and I’ve been asked so many times “Norway is so rich and safe, why would you leave?”. It matters so incredibly much where you spend your time, your months and your years. Never have I been more annoyed and happy with myself then when I moved to London. Annoyed because of how many experiences, opportunities and growth I had denied myself for just staying in my small town. Happy because I finally realised how I want to live my life.

It matters. The culture, the people, the environment, the size, the ethics – the vibes. Strange word to put in right there? Everything I mention above is exactly that to me. The vibes in my hometown? Not too good if you want to do something different, be someone different. The vibes in LA, in London? Different, full of ambition, confidence and hard work.




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What’s Going On?!

If you’re reading this you have probably noticed it’s my first blog post in a long time! I took a very needed break. I was really sick, and had to book a new flight home because I was too ill to get on the plane. I’m just now getting better, still not completely fine. I’ve been really jet lagged and spent the hours awake during the day with my mom and Dan. I just kind of put everything away for a little bit, social media and any work – no gym, no nothing. I think my body just said stop after everything that was going on in LA and I needed to just let my body and mind rest for a bit.

I’m soon back to normal, and tomorrow I’m leaving again! Gran Canaria for Christmas, with my mom ❤ I will update this blog, but more than anything I will focus on YouTube from now on. I’ll be posting all new content on here, including modeling work and photoshoots, outfits… I also have other fun things coming up, and I just need to get back to working hard so everything can turn out how I want it! I really missed writing though, and updating on here – it’s something I really enjoy.

Stay tuned! Good things will come!

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How Long Am I Staying? Where Am I Going Next?





Thank you so much for all the love after my previous post ❤ It’s amazing, and I hope some of you got inspired and realized how important it is to work on yourself and the love you have for yourself – because if you dont have that you’ll never be happy no matter what you look like.

So in two weeks I will actually be back home in Norway at this time! That’s crazy! I can’t believe my time here is almost up already… I’m so happy about what I’ve made happen with such a short amount of time though, not even two months. And I can’t wait to come back here! I’ve figured out the answer to the question which was part of the reason why I came here – and that was if this is the place I need to be in my life right now – and yeah, looks like this is where I should be.

When I get back I will only be home for about a week, and then I will go to Gran Canaria. My mom and I has this tradition that we always go somewhere together once a year for a girls trip and to spend time together, which we’ll always keep doing ❤ It’s been a while since our last time, so I think it’s gonna be really good.

Right now I’m making the most out of my last weeks here, and then I’m so excited to come home and see Dan who’s back home working right now! Before this the longest we had been apart was actually only two weeks, and that is literally from the second we first met – ever, haha. Crazy!

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Have I Met A Lot Of Celebrities In LA?

I know there’s a lot of girls that come here to meet celebrities, or sleep with one of them, or just be at the afterparties so they can tell all of this to their friends when they get back home. There’s no lie – you will meet a lot of successful and rich people, celebs and all that if you go to the “hottest” clubs and hang out with the “right” people. It’s honestly the easiest thing here. And no – I don’t have anything against people who do all of this just to be able to tell others about it, I even know people like this, but it is just so far away from who I am and what I’m here to do. I just don’t understand the mindset.

I will never be a fangirl, if I can put it like that, but I always admire and respect success if it’s done the right way.

So no, I won’t tell you about the celebs I’ve met, the rich people, the afterparties, not in that way – but maybe one day I’ll spill all the secrets and let you know how this whole thing is in reality, if you didn’t already know. I’m here to focus on my thing, and get as far as I can. Contacts are so important out here – but just because he is famous and wants to sleep with you does not mean you will get very far. Except if your goal and thoughts on getting far is to brag about it back home, that’s your business, but not the goals I think you should set for your self.

When did some people start to think that it’s an achievement to come to someone and brag about kissing a guy who’s been in a movie or hanging out at an afterparty with someone who only wanted one thing from you but has a lot of followers so it’s super awesome? I would however love to hear you talk about what you have done for your self and future from being around those successful and/or famous people because that’s what interesting to me. Did you get respect? Did you gain anything for your self?

So yeah, there are huge opportunities here – but you just need to figure out yourself first. Maybe you have a completely different mindset and think celebs or famous people are more worth than you or anyone you know, but I hope you don’t and rather see the success and inspiration – if it’s there, that is.


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Should I Change My Hair?



Some late night pics after the club the other day. I love faux leather – especially pants. They’re high waisted as well which is like the only pants I ever want to use because they always fits me the best I think – and they are perfect to mix with bodysuits or crop tops.

Yesterday we had a nice little Thanksgiving (my first one!) here in the apartment. We filmed for you guys as well so stay tuned for the vlog! I’ll add a video of me talking a bit about LA as well – my thoughts, experience, differences in people from London…

And another thing – I feel like I should change my hair?! I am originally dark blonde, but I’ve had brown/black since I was like 15 years old. Should I dye it blonde? Should I cut it short? What do you guys think?! I’m so indecisive about my hair, but I’ve had it like this for so long – the only difference is the change in dark shades or just cutting it a bit. It’s just hair right?! I wanna do something cool and different. I did a vote on my Instagram story but it looks like people would want me to keep it this way, I’m not convinced though…

I’ll go check out a little bit of the Black Friday sale at Urban Outfitters, then go get a coffee. Weather is amazing ❤

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Most Difficult Thing With Long Distance







Local time LA: 00.58

My bebe sent me flowers and a teddy for my birthday ❤ Such a nice thing to come home to after being out all day celebrating my birthday.

One of the most annoying and difficult things with long distance is communication, especially when you’re both in different timezones. It is such a big thing for a relationship to work and the most important thing I’ve found out is to talk over the phone or on facetime and not send long messages to each other is you’re discussing something, and that’s for every kind of relationship I think… Boyfriend, girlfriend, family… It’s easier understanding each other and making sure the other part is listening to you. I know it always makes things easier with me and Dan.

I now sleep with the teddy and balloon next to me, haha. Cuuute.

Other than that my birthday weekend is officially over and I’m actually okay with that – too much partying isn’t good for me! It has been fun though, it really has. Best night in LA so far must actually have been last night! Having fun with my roomates, meeting new people, experiencing more of LA. Then ending the night/starting the morning with some food from Rise N Grind. Perfect!

I need sleep now!