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Clubs, Modeling, Friends – in LA

Local time LA: 13:26 pm

Hiiiii guys! Right now I am DEAD, I had two gym sessions this morning. I was supposed to have a pt session first but they didn’t show up so I went by myself. Then I went to meet Emma, a Norwegian girl that I actually haven’t met before, but we’re from the same place – so it’s really cool being able to meet her here! We met at a different gym and had a session together, so that’s the reason for my tiredness right now. 

Other than that I’m going out for the first time tonight, and from what I’ve heard I think I’ll like it. It’s the same thing with promoters and that, but obviously I’ve yet to experience it in LA. I’ll take photos tonight and tell you guys more tomorrow!

You guys might know that I’ll visit some agencies while I’m here as well, I’m trying to do more commercial now – and as LA for sure is the place for that there’s also a crazy amount of models here. Or at least everyone decides that they are. But I’m excited to get some more experience in the industy here, and it would be cool to come back to an agency here sometime down the road. 

I’ll take more pictures for you guys as well, don’t worry! I’ve just been filming the last part of the vlog and just kinda finished my “settling in” part. So stay tuned!

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I Was Almost Put On A Plane Back Home

Local time LA: 11:05 am

The absolute craziest thing happened and I literally had the worst and best luck in the world at the same time. I was even told that I most likely would be put on a plane back home and never be able to return to America…

I have vlogged my whole journey as you can see in some of the screenshots above, and I will tell you more of the story then. 

As of right now I just had breakfast at a place in Hollywood boulevard, and can’t wait to go out in the sunshine and experience a lot more. Also I can’t wait to tell you guys about how I’m finding it and take cool pics! Just need to settle in a little bit first ❤

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Why Am I Going To LA? What Am I Doing?

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So you might be wondering about this – as I haven’t said too much. So what am I doing, and why am I going?

Well – since I was a little girl it has always been a dream for me, but always because of opportunities. I have been hard working and very ambitious for as long as I can remember and I have been very aware of the fact that I can’t do all I want and achieve everything I’m working for in a small city in Norway.

I have time after time seen LA as a place to live, or stay for a period of time to make the best of my goals and opportunities. It has come to a point in my life where I feel like that is the one and only thing that can be next, and the exact thing I need.

As of right now I have never been to America before, and I have heard both good and bad. It might be a lot of talk, and maybe not as good as it seems, a lot of fake people for sure, but I’m prepared – and that is why I will be going for two months, just to see what it’s all about and if it’s anywhere I can do better and grow. I have a lot of different plans while I’m there, and I’ll of course let you guys know my honest opinions and how I’m finding it. I’m going with an open mind, but can’t help to be extremely excited! It’s gonna be so weird to actually be there. Little Marte wouldn’t have believed it.

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First Day With No Lies – Monday

So the first day of the week has passed, and first day with no lies. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check my previous post here.

Fav way to start the morning! Soy latte.

How did it go?

Well, I do think I’m right in saying that I don’t lie that much, but I also found out that I do joke around with saying “lies”, especially when it comes to Dan. I think it’s funny to see his reaction when I say something that to me is clearly not true, but because I’m Norwegian he might believe it, haha. We always have to be honest if we ask each other “promise” so the truth usually comes out. Like the Kardashians say “bible”, you know 😉


Anyways – I started the Monday being honest with my best friend, which wasn’t really a big deal but I thought I could mention something instead of just leaving it and forgetting it. The thing about these small situations or even just passing things is that if you mention it they might turn into bigger situations just because they are being brought up. That didn’t happen and it was all fine. It was nice just saying whatever you were thinking.

Then later, at the gym I was doing my honesty thing again. I was doing deadlifts and Dan was only trying to be nice and motivate me. He started saying the repetitions out loud and to be honest I can’t stand it when people are telling me how many I have left or how many I’ve done or just “disturbing” me when I’m working out, because I have to be in my zone, haha. So I was yelling “stop” as I was doing my deadlifts. Then I tried to tell him why I don’t want him to do it after I was done, but he got a bit offended and went on with his exercise. This proved my theory right, small things might turn into bigger situations – but then again we have this thing where we usually talk about things after we both have had some time to think, but we should try to do it in the moment as well. It all turned out fine after, he understood, and I understood I could have said it in a nicer way as it was happening, but now he won’t try to be nice and do that again, haha – poor guy ❤


Other than that I must say I’m proud of my natural honesty, and I do think I would have done these things regardless… Let’s see what, or if any, challenges the rest of the week brings.

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These Things Makes My Day Better

I thought I’d share with you guys some of the little things that makes the day better!

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  • Music Friday!! Obviously this only happens every Friday, but I get so excited when there’s new music out.
  • A lot of time for a nice breakfast! Coffee, tea, and enough time to make exactly what I’m craving that morning. And time to watch something and enjoy it. Best mornings ❤

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  • A killer workout! If I’m really pushing myself at the gym, and just leave with the feeling that I’ve used my body and a nice kinda tired feeling.
  • Being productive! Starting the day early, sitting with my laptop and just knowing that I’m getting things done.

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  • Just doing small things I might not do everyday. Going cinema, out to eat, out for coffee. Some of these things were more everyday things in London, but the second I get back it’s different and a bit more special.
  • Getting acknowledged for my hard work. If it’s someone close to me or someone I dont know at all, a message, a text, someone telling me – it means a lot and makes my day so much better.

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  • Making nice food and deciding it’s going to be a snacks and movie kinda evening. That’s the best feeling when you don’t do it that often, and it becomes so much more special. Now that Dan and I are in Norway we’re tempted to doing it like every evening, but the sweets and snacks are so much nicer when you don’t do it every evening.

That’s some of the things I could think of right now! We’re still in Rissa and we will be starting our journey back home tomorrow morning. 11 hour drive again here we goooo! Woho.

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Du Er Rett Og Slett Ikke For Feit

Scroll down for English!

Dette er en “kommentar” til dette blogginnlegget.

Norsk på bloggen igjen? Vel, noen ganger blir det sånn – fordi jeg vet at det kan være litt vanskeligere å forstå hvis jeg skriver et veldig meningsfullt innlegg kun på engelsk. Så derfor velger jeg å skrive det på både engelsk og norsk.

Her om dagen fikk jeg høre noe sinnsykt. Jeg kaller det for sinnsykt – fordi vel… I mine ører er det akkurat det. Så bare ballet det på seg egentlig, og jeg endte opp med å bli rimelig provosert. Så nå skriver jeg dette da.

Hvordan forstår man det ikke? At man må jobbe med seg selv. Forstår du ikke hvor problematisk det er at du vil endre deg selv for å muligens bli godtatt av noen du ikke kjenner og i tillegg til det – få andre unge mennesker til å tro at det faktisk er sånn verden fungerer – i hvertfall på slike steder?

Det er ikke sånn verden fungerer.

Samfunnet kan være forferdelig og mange kan føle på press, men vi alle er faktisk samfunnet og vi alle bidrar med vårt.

Jeg kjenner godt til denne verden du “prater” om, men samtidig så forstår jeg ikke den minste ting av det du prøver å få fram. Etter å ha hatt mulighetene til denne “luksusen” både i Athen, Milano og London kan jeg ikke forstå at det er så mye å hige etter. Jeg drar ut med promotører nå og da, hvis jeg er med venner som vil eller tidligere hvis jeg var med modelljenter fra samme byrå. Promotører er altså mennesker som får betalt for å ta deg med inn på utestedet slik at man gir et bedre bilde av hvordan klubben er (med fine jenter, modeller etc), og dermed får man gratis drikke og gratis inngang. Jeg har aldri vært med på at rike menn har betalt for å få jenter på sitt bord for å sitte å se fine ut. Personlig ville jeg aldri ha akseptert det, og i hvertfall ikke prøvd å få det til å appellere til unge jenter når man vet at de vil lese dette. At det er verdt å slanke seg for? Slik at du kommer inn på en klubb og kan sitte på bord med rike menn?

Det som er viktig å huske – det er at du finner slike steder overalt i verden. Det er ikke en annen verden, det er en del av vår verden. Man må kunne sette det i perspektiv og tenke på hva som faktisk er viktig.

Det finnes så mange av de “beste” (som du sier) utestedene som er helt på jordet. Noen av de er rasistiske, mange av de er frekke, og de fleste er overfladiske. Jeg har vært vitne til dette, jeg har snudd i døra, og jeg har sagt meningen min til security ved døren som har vært helt idiot mot folk. Jeg har aldri, og har fortsatt ikke en trang til å dra på slike utesteder – til tross for at jeg aldri har hatt noen slike problemer med de er jeg jo fullt klar over hvordan de ter seg – og later ikke som noe annet til andre.

Det er ikke noe “uteliv” som funker slik at man må være tynn for å bli akseptert. Det reiser inn turister hver eneste dag til steder som London og Los Angeles som er i alle slags størrelser og har “the time of their lives”, og ja – de drikker og drar på utesteder og opplever utelivet. Det velger bare bort de overfladiske klubbene fordi hvorfor skal de gidde å dra til et sted der de ikke kan være seg selv, når man som regel reiser på ferie for å ha det gøy med de man er med – ikke for å bli akseptert av mennesker som ikke bryr seg om deg?

Nå som jeg reiser til Los Angeles er jeg så heldig at jeg har fått muligheten til å bo i en modelleilighet, og da kommer jeg også til å dra ut med promotører – fordi sånn er det som regel når man drar et sted som “modell” – det er liksom en del av avtalen. Jeg har ikke noe imot det så lenge jeg bare kan være meg selv. Jeg får oppleve LA og bodd med nye og spennende mennesker – og får dra ut med de også. Hadde det vært sånn at jeg ble fortalt å endre meg for å bo der eller for å komme inn på utestedene – nei takk. Da finner jeg heller på noe annet!

Jeg forstår godt at man kan slite med forskjellige ting, alle sliter med sitt. Men så er det dette med selvinnsikt og omtanke for andre. Ikke få det til å virke at det er sånn det er, at man må være tynn for å være en del av utelivet eller ha det gøy “når man har reist så langt”, fordi det er ikke noe gøy hvis du må igjennom noe så drastisk for å komme deg inn på et utested slik at du kan være der i noen timer å bli dømt – til fordel for å dra til en kul plass med vennene dine og bare gi litt faen.

Det høres ut som om du prøver å tilpasse deg noe som du samtidig mener er helt feil. Som du egentlig er imot, som du har så mye å si om, men vil fortsatt endre deg selv for. Jeg skjønner ikke.

Jeg skjønner ikke, og det håper jeg at flere ikke gjør. Jeg synes ikke det er riktig å gi det inntrykket til så mange unge som potensielt kan bli påvirket og tro at det er faktisk sånn det må være.

Når man har en mulighet til å påvirke et så ungt publikum synes jeg ikke at man burde bruke den til å fortelle at man må, eller burde, endre seg for å bli “godtatt” av andre – ha det gøy eller for å være på de “beste” utestedene. De er åpenbart ikke de beste utestedene når man må endre seg for å bli godtatt. Kjendiser og dyre klubber burde ikke være viktigere enn respekten for seg selv.

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Translated – English

You’re Not Too Fat

The other day I heard something I really reacted to. This is mostly my response to it and even though I’m not writing everything I’m responding to I think you can understand most of it.

How is it not clear? That you have to work on yourself. Do you not understand how problematic is is that you are open to changing yourself to possibly get accepted by someone you don’t know and on top of that – get other young people to believe that it’s actually how the world works – at least in places like that?

It’s not how the world works.

Our society can be terrible and people do feel a lot of pressure, but we are all part of our society and we all contribute to the pressure.

I do know this world that you’re “talking” about – quite well actually, but at the same time I do not understand anything of what you’re trying to tell us. After getting this “luxury” both in Athens, Milano and London I can not understand how it is something to long for, or never the less – change for. I’ll go out with promoters now and then, if I’m with friends that wants to go, or when I was with model friends from my agency. Promoters are people who get payed to bring you into the club so that it brings up the “look” of the club (with pretty girls, models etc), and that’s why you’ll get free entry and drinks. Business, just like most things. I have never been to a table where rich guys has payed for it and for me to be there. Personally I wouldn’t have accepted it, and I would never have written it in a way to make it seem like it is actually a thing you should be a part of when you know young girls will read it and possibly get affected. That it’s worth getting skinnier for? So that you can get into a club and sit at a table with rich guys just looking pretty?

What’s important to remember is that you’ll find places like that everywhere in the world. It’s not a different world, it’s our world. You have to be able to look at it from a perspective og think about what’s really important.

There’s so many of “the best” (your words) clubs that’s completely out of line. Some of them are racist, a lot of them are rude, and most of them are superficial. I have witnessed this, I have turned around and walked away, and I’ve said my opinion to the people at the door that’s been acting like idiots towards some people. I’ve never, and I still don’t feel the urge to go to these clubs – because even though I haven’t personally had these issues with them I’m fully aware of incidents like it and how they portray themselves – and I would never pretend like anything else to others.

There’s tourists traveling to cities like London and Los Angeles every single day and they are all in different shapes and sizes – and some of them actually ends up having the time of their lives, and yes – they drink and go to clubs and experience the city by night. They just choose not to go for the superficial clubs because why would they want to go to a place where they can’t be themselves, when you usually go on vacation to have fun with the people you’re with – not to be accepted by people who don’t care about you?

Now that I’m going to Los Angeles I’m so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to stay in a model apartment, and when I’m there I will be going out with promoters – that’s usually how things work when you go to a different place as a “model”, it’s kind of a part of the deal. I don’t mind it as long as I can be myself. I’ll get to experience different sides of LA and live with new, interesting people – and I’ll get to go out with them as well. If I was ever told to change to live there or to get into the clubs I wouldn’t have done it. I would’ve made other plans for my trip!

I understand that people struggle with different things, we all struggle at times. But then there’s the self knowledge and thoughtfulness for others. Don’t make it look like that’s how it is, that you have to be skinny to be able to go out in some cities or have fun “when you have traveled so far”, because how can it be fun if you have to go through something so drastic to get into a club only to stay there for a few hours of your life while being judged. When you can go to a cool club with your friends and just have fun with people that actually matters and cares about you.

It sounds like you’re trying to adapt to something that you at the same time think is completely wrong. Something you’re in reality opposed to, but still wants to change for. I don’t understand.

I don’t understand, and I hope I’m not alone. I don’t think it’s right to give that impression to so many young people that potentially can get affected and think that that’s how it really has to be.

When you have an opportunity to reach out to such a young audience I don’t think you should use it to let them know that sometimes you have to, or should, change to get “accepted” by others – have fun or to get in to the “best” clubs. They are obviously not the best clubs when you have to change yourself in order to get accepted. Celebrities and expensive clubs should be more important than the respect you have for yourself.

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Leaving Bodø Tomorrow!

Leaving already? As I told you all I’m going to Los Angeles in October, which is THIS month?! Wow. That’s crazy. I don’t think I’ll actually feel like I’m going there until I’m there, haha. It’s something I have always wanted to do, since I was a little kid getting annoyed at my mom because she didn’t make me grow up there so I could be in Disney Channel, haha. Such a weird kid, but at least my ambitions started early.

Anyways – it’s not where I’m going yet! As some of you know I just became an auntie! My brother and his girlfriend had a baby which is still so surreal, and I can’t wait to see her! Her name is “Lykke” which means happiness in English. So beautiful.

So tomorrow my mom and I will be driving down to see her! I’ll get to see my dad as well as he lives in the same place, so that’s nice. I’m probably gonna vlog it, I think it’s so nice to keep videos for the memories as well.

Now it’s time for breakfast with my boyfriend ❤

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