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Jeg skal holde foredrag!

Den 21. april skal jeg holde foredrag om selektiv mutisme, dele min historie og fortelle hvordan jeg kom meg ut av det. Det er en fagdag planlagt og organisert av foreningen for selektiv mutisme (

Jeg vet at det er noen få plasser igjen, så gjerne sikre deg plass ved å trykke på lenken over og registrer deg! Jeg er så glad for at det finnes mennesker som jobber så hardt for å spre kunnskap, hjelpe og støtte. Jeg håper selvfølgelig flere ser viktigheten i det.


The 21. of April I’ll be having a talk about selective mutism, my story and how I got out of it. It’s a whole day planned by the Norwegian selective mutism organisation (

Im excited and I’m so happy that there’s people working so hard to spread knowledge, help and support. As it’s in Norwegian and in Norway I can’t really tell you guys you should get a ticket, but I will of course write on here how it went and so on, as well as share some pictures.

If you want to read my story again though, you can press here!

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In The Local Paper – SM

Yesterday I was published in the local paper – I spoke about me being a semifinalist in Miss Norway 2018, but more than that I spoke about Selective Mutism. As i said earlier this year I really want to work harder to make people aware and more open when talking about mental health and also spreading the knowledge. Especially about mental disorders that is “forgotten” or just not known to most people, when it’s so much more common than what you would think if you haven’t heard of it before.

I talked about my personal experience and also how I want to use my voice in this competition to spread awareness. I know there’s a lot of you that started following my website both in America and England after previous posts about Selective Mutism, so I feel it’s important to share when something happens. Every step counts! Keep working hard ❤


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New Motivation – I Want To Change Something

Some of you might remember this blog post. Selective Mutism affects about every 1 in 1000 kid. It affected me. The truth is there is not enough knowledge anywhere about this anxiety disorder. There is not enough help for kids struggling and parents struggling. My mom and I was a team and we managed it together, I got through it stronger than ever. Sometimes you will need more help. You should be able to get professional help, it is such a serious disorder.

But where’s the help? Why is it that so many doctors, professionals in mental health – no one knows more about it? Why have teachers not been educated more about such a disorder, when time after time there’s someone right in front of them, in their class, struggling so terribly?

After my blog posts and shares in Facebook groups there have been people reaching out to me. A lot more then I would have thought. I hope my story can be an inspiration and that anyone struggling know that they can contact me wherever and whenever. I’m here. There has been kids, parents, teenagers and adults – it doesn’t matter what age, you can be affected regardless.

But it’s not enough, I know that. I want to work harder so that more people can get educated about this anxiety disorder. That teachers can understand they make it so much worse for someone with SM by trying to make them talk in class or punishing them because they are not speaking. So much worse!

And just using some of my platforms to talk more about this, and share it as well is somewhere to start. I’m motivated – more people needs to understand what Selective Mutism really is.

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Photo on 07-01-18 at 20.09

I just got back from Oslo today and have been sitting in this same spot working and planning all day. Tiiiiired! But this is me right now so why not just share it with you guys. Hope everyone’s good ❤