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for the cheater



Photo by Saq Imtiaz, edit by me

Photographs · poem

My Mind


you tell me what you dreamt 

as your eyes 


and I

find myself thinking



do we dream




why do we have a beginning 

and an ending


is there a reason for it all 


you tell me what you dreamt 

as your eyes 


and I keep my thoughts

to myself

as I laugh 

with you




– Marte Fredriksen



Dear Little Marte

Dear little Marte,

I know how you love your little family,

Your Grandpa and your Grandma,

I know you don’t know yet that you will lose them,

I know that you still don’t understand the heartbreak and hurt it will bring you,

I know you don’t understand the things you wished you would have told them,

Not until later,

When your Grandma passes away,

Do you realize how empty it will be,

Coming home,

To a place that will never be home again,

And then having to loose your Grandpa,

Not just once,

But twice he will leave,

First his memories of you and everyone,

Then his words,

Then one day all of him,

It will make you think of life differently,

It will make you question everything that matters,

But it will forever teach you about real love,

Between two people,

Who just couldn’t be alone,

If not together


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It’s A Two Way Thing

Sometimes it’s ok to keep giving.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and take a look at who you’re giving so much to.

To see if they know what they’re getting.

How much.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and remind yourself what you’re worth.

To see if they appreciate.

How much.

I admire people who can see that.

Who can see what you go through for their happiness.

Who wants to go through the same for your happiness.

Sometimes it’s ok to stop giving.

– Marte Fredriksen

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