Shooting For An App!


Morning! These days I’ve been too tired, but I have realised I just need to step up so I can do the videos and pics and posts the best I can regardless. Coffee helps with everything 🙂

So today, before my hostess job, I’m doing a shoot with an app! I won’t tell you which one until I can show you the photos, but I think it’s gonna be cool. Also it seems like a pretty chill shoot which will be in Soho, so I’m excited.

Now I’m listening to New Music Friday and it always makes Friday mornings even better. I’ll jump in the shower and start getting ready!

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Our First Shoot Together!

So yesterday Dan and I had our first shoot together! My mom, who is actually pretty good has taken really cool pics of us earlier, but this time it was with a professional photographer. It was mostly Dan’s shoot though, but we got photos together and I got some as well. Was fun seeing him shoot ❤ Even though I’ve basically seen every pose after taking photos all the time, haha.

After that we had a nice night with veggie pizza and we watched Okja on Netflix. It’s a movie that I didn’t think I would like, but after watching the trailer I felt like I should give it a chance. And I really recommend it! It even made me tear up a bit. Friendship and connections between humans and animals is so underrated and I wish everyone could see how important and real it actually is, and I think people might get to learn more about the meat industry and how cruel it is by watching the movie as well – because there’s truth to what you see, and it’s not just in the movie. I hate it so much.

Anyways I’ll share the photos from the shoot with you guys as soon as we get them ❤ Here’s some outfit pics taken on my camera from yesterday!

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I’m The Newest Mirina Girl!

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Got these cool sunglasses the other day from Mirina Collections. I love them! It’s also perfect timing as I lost my new sunglasses I just bought when Dad and I drove to Trondheim on his Harley. They are also rose gold which has to be one of my favourite colours.

I never knew about their website until recently, but now I love their selection of sunglasses and jewelry. It’s all so nice! And lucky me – I’m now their new Mirina Girl which means I get to give you guys coupon codes and possibly give out some of their amazing collection to you guys!

So for you guys to get 20% off any of their products all you have to do is write the code MirinaGirls when going to check out! Enjoy!

Sponsored and honest opinions. 


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Challenge Turned Wrong

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I love the light in these pictures! Was literally standing right opposite the sun and it was so difficult to keep my eyes open. Really happy it came out for some hours yesterday though, seems like the summer has disappeared a bit here in Norway. Not in London I’ve noticed…

Anyways – the craziest thing happened yesterday, and I got so scared. Like I told you guys Dan and I did a challenge for you guys that will be out soon. Guess what? I ended up at the ER (emergency room) and an ambulance had to come get me at home… Let’s just say it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. You’ll know more when the challenge is out!

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Photoshoot In Norway


So we had a little photoshoot today! The nature and scenery here is so nice so I always take a lot of outdoors photos when I’m here. Really nice being able to do that with Dan as well. We got some really nice photos together so I can’t wait to show you guys! Weather is a lot nicer today so it was perfect.

Later tonight we’re going to watch Wonder Woman. Dan is super excited and I’ll hopefully like it, haha. I’ll tell you about it after!

I’m also in the middle of uploading our YouTube video that we did yesterday so it will be out really soon! Subscribe to my YouTube account here to watch it first!