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Tiara’s & Teddy’s

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Golldsmith Photography

I mean – look at this place! Some more pictures from my photoshoot in Los Angeles. Maybe you’re starting to see what I meant about this place. I love it.

Other than that I’m back home right now after spending the weekend in Oslo. I was so tired yesterday I ended up sleeping until 4 in the afternoon after landing. Very needed, but now I want to try and get back to normal routines – I always trying to avoid messing up my sleep because I usually get sleep paralysis… And if you haven’t experienced it I can just tell you it really is the worst thing.

New video coming out soon guys, so stay tuned!! Also doing something really exciting next month with Dan 😉 Will tell you more asap.

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I Fell In Love With This Place!

Guys!! Ah I wish you could be in the same place as me for this photoshoot. It was so cool! This woman had literally made her whole apartment into a doll house/dream house with pink, vintage and just really pretty accessories everywhere. She rents it out for people to shoot there and it’s just really impressive how she’s done everything and the ideas she has. Inspirational!

I can’t lie and say I didn’t get any interior inspiration for my own place one day (might be hard convincing someone else to live there though haha), but first off I will have to stay somewhere for longer than 6 months so that’s obviously not going to happen for a while, lol.

Anyways you will be seeing parts of this cute little apartment these upcoming days because I will be sharing pictures from my photoshoot that I had ❤ Here’s the first!

Soooo extra and I love it.







Golldsmith Photography

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New Pictures From LA!



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Photo: @garretstone

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s some pictures from one of my photoshoots in LA. Loved the outfits and the vibe on this shoot. You’ll get to see more really soon!

I’ve actually just finished packing, because tonight at 4am we’re going to the airport and leaving the heat and sunshine to go back home. I’m actually excited to go to the airport because there’s a Starbucks there, and as some of you know I don’t drink cow’s milk so it’s been a struggle getting coffee here – but finally!! Lol. And of course to actually get back home and see Dan and my friends again ❤ Excited to make new plans for this year as well! Got a lot to figure out.

This trip has gone by really quick and I wish we had weather like these last days in the beginning as well, but it’s still been an amazing time!

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Pictures From Camel Photoshoot!


Photo: Tawny Horton


Photo: Jerome Satinsky


Photo: Black Z.E

Makeup @glamby_yessie Edits: me

Here’s three pictures from the camel photoshoot I was doing a little while ago. I love the last one! It’s so cool.

Today I’m gonna figure out some plans for my birthday (on Friday!!) and plan some posts, edit videos, answer some emails… Get a lot of things done and be productive in other words! I was so tired yesterday after going out, lack of sleep and everything so I spent most of it sleeping before going out to get Subway and watch a movie that I almost fell asleep to. I needed that day, but I always feel so much better when I spend my time working and focusing on important things. Stay tuned for a new video! Coming up soon ❤

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Instagram Photoshoot



Looking so innocent and classy 🙂 Two pics from the quick photoshoot I had for a brand’s Instagram the other day.

I have a lot of thoughts right now and I want to write a lot these days, I just have to sit down alone and get in my zone. I am so grateful for the sudden response I got from my previous blogpost here, and I’m so grateful for being able to talk to people via email, Facebook and even Instagram. I hope everyone know they can reach out!

Other than that I had a nice Friday night here in LA, hanging out and eating sushi with friends. I’m so incredibly tired right now though, after not going to sleep until 6.30(!!) this morning. Not because of going out, but neither me or my roommate Katie could fall asleep. And me being me wanting to get things done I still woke up at a decent time today, so I desperately need my sleep right now. Good night from me ❤

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Flashing Lights In Venice






“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

Local time LA: 08.23

Good morning from me ❤ I’m drinking coffee and getting ready for my photoshoot! It’s for a clothing brand’s Instagram which will be cool. To be honest I really love when I can do my own makeup like today. Don’t get me wrong because working with a makeup artist can be so good and I can learn new things, but I for sure have my own opinions about hair and makeup on myself. Will let you know how the shoot went later on ❤