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What’s going on?


Finally starting to feel like spring here in Oslo ❤ It makes me soooo happy! Dan and I had the nicest day yesterday. We were both off work and had the whole day to just do whatever we wanted. We started off walking around in the sun, got some food and snacks. Then eventually went to get halloumi burgers to eat at home on our rooftop in the sunshine, with good music and wine.

After that we went in for a bit, then brought the speaker with us while we went walking around going to a few different bars. Cardi B’s new album is out and it made me a bit too excited while we listened to it walking home, so I ended up twisting my ankle because I was just too hyped up, haha. It hurts today…

Now I’m going to get a little bit of work done before going to sleep. My bestfriend has her birthday next week, my mom is coming to visit, I’m speaking about selective mutism, an interview is coming out and I have a shoot – everything very soon so there’s a lot of things going on. Only good ones and I’m so happy ❤

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Back On A Plane Tomorrow?!


These pictures are from our last day in the sunshine! I’m so done with being in my small town when it’s winter time – there’s no light at any time of the day and no opportunities here. I can be home for a little while on holiday, but no longer. I need light, opportunities, creativeness and new things.

It was really nice to see Dan again of course, and today we have been planning this year a bit more. We want to travel together and be sure to work hard with all the opportunities we are so lucky to have, but it all takes a whole lot of planning and work – but we’ll get there! Feels great to be on the way at least. Im excited.

I’m already leaving for one day in Oslo tomorrow for a meeting actually, very quick trip but I’m really happy I’ll get to see my Mathilde while I’m there. Best friends but always living in different countries or just not in the same place at the same time sucks, but priorities are always the most important, so at least I’ll get two evenings with her – and more to come in 2018. ❤

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We Did Something Different







Today we spent the day in Las Palmas! We left in summer clothes, me in shorts and a crop top and my mom in a dress… Little did we know that the weather could be so different on the very same island. We found some warmer clothes to wear and went around trying to find the center of Las Palmas. It was more difficult then what you would think. But we made it, at least to see parts of it. We did some shopping as well, found a Starbucks (<3) and went into the old town. That’s where all the pictures above where taken actually. It’s something to see when you go here, something different. Especially all those houses on the hill. So many struggling people, but so bright and colorful. Beautiful.

I also think we got food poisoning from the sushi we ate earlier, so now I’m back to hating sushi again. Yay. Note to self: never order takeaway from somewhere they do buffet sushi because if you really think about it you KNOW that the sushi has been out all day long, just laying there on the plate getting worse by the second. Don’t eat it!

Other than that – if you want to see my little vlog from the other day press here! Enjoy!

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Nude Magazine Event

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Local time LA: 23.45

Some photos from the event we attended a little while ago! Always in front of the neon lights, lol. I loooove this jacket by the way. Red and teddy material. How perfect?! This is where I’m really questioning changing my hair color and going blonde, outfit like these wouldn’t look as good would they? In my head I’m picturing it would look more cheap and messy…. I don’t know! I need to figure it out for when I get back home.

Other than that things seems like they are getting more clear and I’m getting a tiny bit back for my hard work, right before I leave of course – but I appreciate everything and I know I always have to be patient and thankful. But there’s no doubt about the opportunities that comes while living in this city, they are here for sure.

If you want to know details which I’m guessing because it’s annoying just reading in codes, I can tell you a little bit because you’re in here reading my blog ❤ So I actually have a business meeting tomorrow for something that you will be seeing a lot of soon (hopefully!!), I have been planning two shoots, and I will be doing some photography work as well before I leave which is really cool! I mean more than this I can’t really tell you at this time. It’s a good step forward and I’m excited!

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Should I Change My Hair?



Some late night pics after the club the other day. I love faux leather – especially pants. They’re high waisted as well which is like the only pants I ever want to use because they always fits me the best I think – and they are perfect to mix with bodysuits or crop tops.

Yesterday we had a nice little Thanksgiving (my first one!) here in the apartment. We filmed for you guys as well so stay tuned for the vlog! I’ll add a video of me talking a bit about LA as well – my thoughts, experience, differences in people from London…

And another thing – I feel like I should change my hair?! I am originally dark blonde, but I’ve had brown/black since I was like 15 years old. Should I dye it blonde? Should I cut it short? What do you guys think?! I’m so indecisive about my hair, but I’ve had it like this for so long – the only difference is the change in dark shades or just cutting it a bit. It’s just hair right?! I wanna do something cool and different. I did a vote on my Instagram story but it looks like people would want me to keep it this way, I’m not convinced though…

I’ll go check out a little bit of the Black Friday sale at Urban Outfitters, then go get a coffee. Weather is amazing ❤

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Military Barbie

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My last Halloween outfit! Finally, haha. No doubt that Americans go all out when it comes to celebrations. Now you get to see what I would look like with really fake, blonde hair as well, lol.

Anyways, I loved being blonde for the night! Had a good evening even though Avenue was packed and people got really pushy which always gets on my nerves. There was a lot of cool costumes as well, I always love to see people going all out.

I’ve planned some shoots here now so I’m excited for that! Other than that I’m meeting new people everyday and experiencing more and more of LA as the days go by. I really enjoy it here. The heat and sun is pretty much gone, but it’s still not Norway weather, obviously. I can’t believe I’ve only been here two weeks, but at the same time it’s gone by so quick. Life is so strange.

I hope everyone is good, and that you watched my latest YouTube video here! ❤

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I’m Gold Baby

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Local time LA: 21.32

My Halloween outfit, even though it’s not actually until Tuesday. Am I an Emmy, Oscar, Space girl? I went for gold, just gold. Just being me you know 😉

I had fun last night, but I’m more tired than I should be right now. Always happen because of SLEEP. Too much, too little and I’m just in a weird mood. I was tired this morning but literally had the longest powernap…

More interesting thing: I have filmed the apartment tour video! I will finish editing tomorrow so it’s gonna be out asap! Stay tuned on my YouTube channel here to get the first look!