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So I’ve taken some pics today of the first items I will sell! I’m in the middle of sorting it all out now, but the plan is that you guys can buy them here on my blog or from my profile on Depop. You will need Paypal, but if you don’t have it already it only takes about 5 minutes to do. You will see some of the first items on sale here tonight or tomorrow, so just stay tuned!

If you already want to see some items (and get the first chance to buy) you can find me on Depop as Martefre.

Hope you’ll like it 😀


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A Little Secret


Some cool pics Dan took of me the other day! I love this jumper!! Got it for like 3£ at Bershka.

Right now I’m sitting on the bus with a fever on my way to work 🙂 I can’t be sick right now so I just gotta go in anyways. Hopefully I’ll feel better after a while.

But to the fun part! You all know how much I love clothes and shopping and putting outfits together and all that… I know I have too much clothes, way too much, so I have decided to give you guys the oppurtunity to buy some of my favourites for cheap money. There are items and outfits I love but only wear now and then, or items I haven’t worn at all, so I think it’s a lot better to give them a new home.

There will be more info, photos and prices coming ❤ Stay tuned!

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Festival Outfit

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My outfit from one of the days back home at the festival! I remember I used to hate that colour, but I guess things change. Both the denim jacket and shorts are vintage from a random market in London, which I love! Especially the fact that I haven’t seen anyone else with the exact same ones, which is one of the main reasons why I like going to markets looking for clothes.

I still feel like the summer went by way too fast, and that I really didn’t get to enjoy it properly because it never felt like summer. Then again when I look at photos like this it makes me realise I did have a nice summer, and I’ll keep some amazing memories from it ❤

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Festival Day 2


Few pics of me and Mathilde when we were pre-drinking yesterday, trying to keep the sun away from our faces, haha. Was really good yesterday, and weather sooo perfect! Nice to meet so many people as well ❤

Mathilde has already started getting ready for day 2, while I’m struggling a bit more… How did I do this for two weeks when I was russ?? Anyways I’ll just have to start I guess, we are already missing out on a bit because we needed some more time today, haha.

I’ll show you more photos later!

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Our First Shoot Together!

So yesterday Dan and I had our first shoot together! My mom, who is actually pretty good has taken really cool pics of us earlier, but this time it was with a professional photographer. It was mostly Dan’s shoot though, but we got photos together and I got some as well. Was fun seeing him shoot ❤ Even though I’ve basically seen every pose after taking photos all the time, haha.

After that we had a nice night with veggie pizza and we watched Okja on Netflix. It’s a movie that I didn’t think I would like, but after watching the trailer I felt like I should give it a chance. And I really recommend it! It even made me tear up a bit. Friendship and connections between humans and animals is so underrated and I wish everyone could see how important and real it actually is, and I think people might get to learn more about the meat industry and how cruel it is by watching the movie as well – because there’s truth to what you see, and it’s not just in the movie. I hate it so much.

Anyways I’ll share the photos from the shoot with you guys as soon as we get them ❤ Here’s some outfit pics taken on my camera from yesterday!

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Boyfriend’s Jumper


Some outfit photos from yesterday! To be honest I was wearing all black earlier in the day, like I very often do. It was because of a job thing though, but I thought I would change when I got home to show you guys a bit more exciting outfit. Just a huge jumper, a leather skirt and a nice choker really. But still cool and really comfy.

I’m sitting at Costa atm, my favourite place to get some work done without having to go very far. I just went gym, and lately I have been feeling so lazy about it, but I just need to find new exercises I think. I also think it’s because I got used to the one in Norway, and I liked it better.

Now I’ll finish up here and then go home to shower! Hope everyone has a nice day ❤ (if not read my post from yesterday haha, it might help you!)


Casual Outfit


Super casual outfit from yesterday. I was wearing jeans earlier, but felt like I should take advantage of the nice weather now that it’s here. Which was good because now it’s gone… So I changed and ended up with a comfy skirt and my adidas jumper around my waist just in case.

I have some videos from the Norway trip on my phone, so I was thinking I’ll try and mix it together and see if I can get some kinda vlog out of it. Will of course post it here if I do!