Makeup Look – Hazelnut


One of the newest looks I’ve done for Lava Art with sheer, nutty eyeshadow and nutty nude lip colour. I love looks like this because both brown/bronzed and pink/nude makeup is always my go-to and the looks I prefer on me. I also bought these amazing earrings from work, and I love them sooo much! There was a time I would only wear silver, but I’m starting to love gold style jewelry now. The bright blue top I’m wearing is actually a bikini for H&M in a velvet fabric, not too sure how it will turn out when I use it on the beach, but so far it’s the comfiest bikini I’ve had, and really has the prettiest colour.

The apartment is finally starting to look more like a home, mostly our rooms, but it feels so nice getting closer and closer. It’s something so new to me, having to set up and fix absolutely everything in an apartment, but it’s for sure something you need to experience as an adult and I guess it was about time.  I really do feel like I’ve grown a lot though, it’s just so important to me now having a proper place to come home to. With nice plants, candles and pictures. Until now I’ve always shared my “home” with people I don’t know, which for sure is a life lesson in itself as well, but now I just really need a proper home. Even if it’s not for the longest time. I have also decided I’ll never live in a place with strangers again, I just really feel like I’m completely done with doing that. I’ve done it for six years now so I feel like I’ve experienced it in every way, both the good and the bad.

I’ll show you guys details of our apartment when it’s all done! Stay tuned ❤

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A Different Look






One thing I love about my hair is that it’s so easy to change it up. Curls, waves, straight, braids, ponytails – whatever I feel like really. I used to think my hair was so thin and boring, but it’s not as thin anymore and it’s actually so easy to work with.

The main tip I could give you to get more healthy hair would actually be to wash it less. It damages your hair so much if you wash it every day. In the beginning your hair can look greasy, but that is only because you’ve made it a habit to wash it so often. After a while you will see how much more healthy and strong your hair will grow. Try it! It also helps you keep your colour if you have dyed your hair. I’m not saying to never wash it, I’m just saying to cut it down little by little until you find something that works for you.

Hope everyone’s good ❤ Tomorrow it’s time for another journey to Oslo!

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as they can. I know Christmas and holidays in general can be sad and lonely for a lot of people, but I hope you still manage to make the best out of it, every little thing counts. Do something for yourself or others to make this time better.

I’m still in Gran Canaria which is nice, even though Christmas didn’t go as expected this year. That’s the thing as well – expectations. Especially for Christmas. Usually it never turns out how you plan it or imagine it in your head, so just do the best you can!

I’m happy to be here with my mom!

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Military Barbie

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My last Halloween outfit! Finally, haha. No doubt that Americans go all out when it comes to celebrations. Now you get to see what I would look like with really fake, blonde hair as well, lol.

Anyways, I loved being blonde for the night! Had a good evening even though Avenue was packed and people got really pushy which always gets on my nerves. There was a lot of cool costumes as well, I always love to see people going all out.

I’ve planned some shoots here now so I’m excited for that! Other than that I’m meeting new people everyday and experiencing more and more of LA as the days go by. I really enjoy it here. The heat and sun is pretty much gone, but it’s still not Norway weather, obviously. I can’t believe I’ve only been here two weeks, but at the same time it’s gone by so quick. Life is so strange.

I hope everyone is good, and that you watched my latest YouTube video here! ❤

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I’m Gold Baby

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Local time LA: 21.32

My Halloween outfit, even though it’s not actually until Tuesday. Am I an Emmy, Oscar, Space girl? I went for gold, just gold. Just being me you know 😉

I had fun last night, but I’m more tired than I should be right now. Always happen because of SLEEP. Too much, too little and I’m just in a weird mood. I was tired this morning but literally had the longest powernap…

More interesting thing: I have filmed the apartment tour video! I will finish editing tomorrow so it’s gonna be out asap! Stay tuned on my YouTube channel here to get the first look!

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Pick Up The Phone

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Some photos from yesterday! I had such a nice day, and then a lot of fun going out with new friends. I’m really happy that I’ve only been here for less than a week, but still having met so many cool people.

Today I’ve had a super typical Sunday with Netflix and food from my fave place right next to me – Rise N Grind. Perfect day! It was actually so hot today, and the next days as well – over 30 degrees! I know it’s supposed to be like 40 later this week which is insane to me, wow. I’m so happy I found out that we have a pool here in the apartment building as well, so I know where to chill out when it’s hot!

Now I’m drinking green tea and sitting in the living room with Friends on the tv. I’m getting the vlog ready for you guys this week, and then I’m exciting to do “A Day In The Life” vlog soon. I have an important day tomorrow so I’ll go to bed early tonight and then go gym tomorrow morning before my meetings just to make it a good start. Wish me luck ❤