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Us In Norway

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Was so nice to go out and finally see some of my old friends again ❤ Especially seeing how excited everyone was about meeting Dan. Made me so happy!

Today we slept in, me longer than him, and then had some not nice boiled eggs he made, haha. At least he tried.

Weather’s really bad today so we’re just chilling inside with Netflix, and soon we’ll go shop to buy some snacks and then go gym tonight. Such a cozy Monday ❤

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Norwegian Summer

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So this is where we took a nap today – out on the balcony with covers and lots of pillows. So nice and cozy ❤

First proper day at home has been so nice and relaxing. Since we’re staying for a month we will probably take a roadtrip to Trondheim in Norway as well. We’re not sure when yet, but maybe in a week or two.

Btw – if you have any ideas for videos you guys wants us to do – leave a comment! I already have one planned, and I know that’s gonna be fun.

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Not How You Would Think

Breakfast in Norway? Well today it looked like this…


Not really how you would expect probably, but I love being able to eat outside like this. I always used to do it in summer with my mom when the weather was like this. It’s so nice!

I also got some new bikinis the other day, this one – and two other. Not too sure which ones I like the best – maybe this bikini top and the other bikini bottoms. I’ll show you the others later!

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We went gym earlier – SKY fitness, where we took some photos as well so I can show you more of the exercises I do. Now the food is ready and we’ll watch Breaking Bad! The sun disappeared so our planned boat trip didn’t happen, but I’m sure we’ll get the chance later this summer.

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Home in Norway!


So this morning I left Oslo and took a plane back to my hometown Bodø. It’s so nice coming back to my room, the house and all the food, haha.

I love being here to get a break from all the stress and busy life in London. This town always makes me feel so calm and safe. I just appreciate it so much more than I used to because I’m not here all the time anymore.

I just made food and now I’m just relaxing with mom before I’ll go later to the airport and pick up Dan! He left London earlier today and is on his way here now. Can’t wait to show him this place in the summer since he’s only been here one time before when it was winter.

Also I’ll post a vlog from Oslo here in a bit so stay tuned!

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My Bad Luck

IMG_0209IMG_0204IMG_0199IMG_0223IMG_0214Loving this outfit! And this area 😦 Ah i really feel like staying a bit longer… And I really don’t feel like packing all my stuff again tonight. Always get’s messy when I’m trying to find out what to wear so I always have to pack my whole suitcase again.

Imagine my bad luck when the weather’s been so good back in Bodø while I’ve been here in rain – and now that I’m leaving Oslo the sun comes while the rain comes back to Bodø… Annoying!

Will be really nice to see my mom and also meet Dan again so I’m excited anyways ❤

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About Last Night

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Some snapshots! Will show you guys the whole outfit later – really liked it!

Martine and me did a vlog for you guys yesterday in english so I’ll post it here as soon as we’re finished editing it.

Right now we’re all just chilling in bed eating snacks and talking about last night. Gonna enjoy my last day here before I leave tomorrow! Time went by so quick…

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You Wouldn’t Believe It

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I told you guys I would show you – our favourite place to eat in Oslo! You would never guess that this is vegan, would you? It’s so good as well! I know for sure I’ll always be coming back here.

So if you’re ever in Oslo and hungry – no vegan or vegan or whatever – try this place out! It’s called Loving Hut and is very central. I think it’s a married couple that owns the whole thing and makes the food – which is so sweet I think.