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The Most Natural You Have Seen Me


Accurate photo of how I spent my Saturday night. Dan was at work and I was just home chilling – dancing to music while finding outfits for today.

So yeah – I’ve taken some outfit pictures today, and I’ve gotten a new favourite dress! It’s so pretty and I love the colour! Can’t wait to show you guys.

Right now I’m just taking a “break” with some food and coffee (of course), and then Dan and I are going to film a very fun video for you guys! I also did a quick little natural makeup video for you guys earlier today. Showing you my all time favourite makeup product as well!


Peace out from the most natural version of me ❤ And the one I usually prefer.

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Tonight In Pictures

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Some photos from today! I had a long conversation with mom, sometimes you need that – especially when you spend a lot of time away from each other and you haven’t talked about the important things as much as you used to just because of other silly things. It’s always important to take care of and value those closest and most dear to you! So important ❤ I’m very happy and grateful I’m so close to my mom, it really means everything to me.

We went out to eat one last time before I leave on Tuesday. I love days like this – being able to take time to get ready, and just have nice things planned.

I’m quite tired right now, but I’m actually gonna have a coffee and then go gym! I’ll probably have it mostly to myself on a Friday evening and I always prefer working out with less people. So lets goooo!

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Try Out This App!

IMG_6705_LivelyCute?? Haha, saw this app on a Norwegian blog and thought I would try it out. You only have to turn on live on your photos and you can make your own cool gif from your pics. Cool, right? Thought I’d let you know in case you would want to try it. It’s called Lively as you can probably see.

I’m sitting on the bus on my way to work right now and I love seeing the sunshine outside. Please stay like this before I leave 😦 

Have a nice day everyone ✨✨✨

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So How Does It Feel?

So how does it feel to be back in London? It feels nice, but I do realise that it doesn’t do anything for me anymore, not how it used to. I think it might be because I’m so set on leaving now and have been for some time and nothing will change that. I’m basically here to say goodbye which is a bit sad when I think about it. But nice at the same time. Ah, how many wonderful people I’ve met in this amazing city ❤

I’m in the middle of uploading the video, but working at the same time – so it will come out tonight or tomorrow! Stay tuned on YouTube!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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That Kinda Sunday

We got home really early last night, but I have basically been sleeping all day and feeling super low in just my mood and everything. I know usually people can react that way after going out, but I don’t know what’s up with today to be honest. At least I got a lot of sleep, and food haha. I ate so much last night and I just wanted to eat instead of staying out. Typical thing for me to do at times.

So now Mathilde is out to eat ice cream with Erik and I’m at home in bed trying to get a documentary on Netflix to work. Really annoying because it wont start…

(Wrote this a couple of hours ago without posting and now Mathilde is asleep and I’m up because I already slept too much…)

Anyways I hope everyone has had a nice Sunday regardless of how your night ended up ❤

As I don’t have my camera I wanted to post some photos from Oslo last time.


Love this photo.


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Eating at Vegan Loving Hut – need to go back there before I leave!



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Date Night

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Had such a nice night yesterday! Dan took me out to eat and then we went to a party with Syft, the job app we been working for sometimes. We went to a Thai restaurant and the main reason was to surprise me with sticky rice and mango which I love, but unfortunately they were out of it. Is was still perfect and so nice food ❤

The other day I also met with Caitlin for a catch up which was so needed! So happy I met her when I first came here, and that I still have her in my life.

I’m off today so it has felt like a Sunday – just chilling inside and relaxing.