My tip for keeping a fresh glow all year!



Anyone who knows me also knows that I really don’t like tanning beds (most of all because it’s so bad for your skin and body!), but they also know how much I like having a bit of a tan and glow all year round. Living in places like London or Norway makes it difficult to get a fresh glow most of the time, so I turn to self tan. It’s so important to me that it leaves a natural result and also that it’s very quick and easy.

I’m so happy I got the chance to test out the Self-Tanning Treatment from Swiss Clinic. It’s a two step treatment that leaves your face looking naturally tanned and fresh. On the photos you can see the results from using it for only three days. After you get the colour and glow you want you only need to use the products for about two times a week.


The treatment consists of two products – the Self Tan Drops and Self-Tan Pads. I use the self tan drops in the morning after washing my face, and the self-tan pads in the evening after removing my makeup, it also gives your skin moisture and you’ll wake up with an even tan!


You can find the treatment HERE and my discount code for you guys is “SWISSCLINIC21Y” to get 20% off!

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