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Nude Magazine Event

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Local time LA: 23.45

Some photos from the event we attended a little while ago! Always in front of the neon lights, lol. I loooove this jacket by the way. Red and teddy material. How perfect?! This is where I’m really questioning changing my hair color and going blonde, outfit like these wouldn’t look as good would they? In my head I’m picturing it would look more cheap and messy…. I don’t know! I need to figure it out for when I get back home.

Other than that things seems like they are getting more clear and I’m getting a tiny bit back for my hard work, right before I leave of course – but I appreciate everything and I know I always have to be patient and thankful. But there’s no doubt about the opportunities that comes while living in this city, they are here for sure.

If you want to know details which I’m guessing because it’s annoying just reading in codes, I can tell you a little bit because you’re in here reading my blog ❤ So I actually have a business meeting tomorrow for something that you will be seeing a lot of soon (hopefully!!), I have been planning two shoots, and I will be doing some photography work as well before I leave which is really cool! I mean more than this I can’t really tell you at this time. It’s a good step forward and I’m excited!

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