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Most Difficult Thing With Long Distance







Local time LA: 00.58

My bebe sent me flowers and a teddy for my birthday ❤ Such a nice thing to come home to after being out all day celebrating my birthday.

One of the most annoying and difficult things with long distance is communication, especially when you’re both in different timezones. It is such a big thing for a relationship to work and the most important thing I’ve found out is to talk over the phone or on facetime and not send long messages to each other is you’re discussing something, and that’s for every kind of relationship I think… Boyfriend, girlfriend, family… It’s easier understanding each other and making sure the other part is listening to you. I know it always makes things easier with me and Dan.

I now sleep with the teddy and balloon next to me, haha. Cuuute.

Other than that my birthday weekend is officially over and I’m actually okay with that – too much partying isn’t good for me! It has been fun though, it really has. Best night in LA so far must actually have been last night! Having fun with my roomates, meeting new people, experiencing more of LA. Then ending the night/starting the morning with some food from Rise N Grind. Perfect!

I need sleep now!

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