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Clubs, Modeling, Friends – in LA

Local time LA: 13:26 pm

Hiiiii guys! Right now I am DEAD, I had two gym sessions this morning. I was supposed to have a pt session first but they didn’t show up so I went by myself. Then I went to meet Emma, a Norwegian girl that I actually haven’t met before, but we’re from the same place – so it’s really cool being able to meet her here! We met at a different gym and had a session together, so that’s the reason for my tiredness right now. 

Other than that I’m going out for the first time tonight, and from what I’ve heard I think I’ll like it. It’s the same thing with promoters and that, but obviously I’ve yet to experience it in LA. I’ll take photos tonight and tell you guys more tomorrow!

You guys might know that I’ll visit some agencies while I’m here as well, I’m trying to do more commercial now – and as LA for sure is the place for that there’s also a crazy amount of models here. Or at least everyone decides that they are. But I’m excited to get some more experience in the industy here, and it would be cool to come back to an agency here sometime down the road. 

I’ll take more pictures for you guys as well, don’t worry! I’ve just been filming the last part of the vlog and just kinda finished my “settling in” part. So stay tuned!

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