I’m Not Gonna Lie For A Week – And Then Let You Know What Happens!

So the last time I was at the hairdresser in London I picked up a magazine and started reading about a person that wanted to document her going Mon-Fri without lying. Sounds simple? Well, she also did some research and found at that we all lie about 200 (!) times a day. It’s usually about small things, just not saying what we really think or whatever is going on inside our heads. Things that might turn into a bigger deal if you don’t just let it go how you normally do from day to day by saying a white lie instead of what you really want to say.

So yeah – starting tomorrow I will tell you guys what happens and the reactions I get. I would never think I lie much during one day, or a week even, but it’s only one way to really find out. Because apparently we all do. I’m just worried now that people know they will ask me weird questions knowing I can only be completely honest, but we will see!


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