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What Home Looks Like

To me…


Some photos from the other day when we went hiking! Got to see the sunset even though it was a bit cloudy. Love this short hike, it’s quite steep so you’ll still get high up even though it only takes about 20 mins up. I remember I used to run up and down 2-3 times in the summer when I lived here. Cardio on top!! Now I’m stronger though…

I LOVE Friday’s in Norway, haha. Everyone has this extremely strong Friday feeling and we all just go to the shop to buy something nice for dinner (usually taco) and then sweets for after, before we go home and watch tv or movies with our family or friends. I love it. And missed it! Sometimes in London I couldn’t tell a Friday from a Monday.

So now we just finished eating homemade pizza and we’re just sitting in the living room with the tv on and dimmed lights. Soon time to go to the shop to buy some snacks (should’ve done that earlier, but takes a bit of time to get back in the Norwegian vibe I guess). Have a nice Friday evening everyone ❤

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