Fun facts · personal


  • I drink green tea everyday.
  • I’m adiccted to a toothpaste in London that Dan’s mom started buying. Love it so much 😦 Euthymol.
  • If I don’t eat enough food (which is a looot) I feel ill and sick and just wont work properly as a human.IMG_5083_Facetune_31.08.2017-16:28:18
  • I’m the worst with directions.
  • I get terrible sad when thinking about death and life in that way and can start crying.
  • When I think about people I love so much or just saying or writing how much they mean to me I can also start crying and get this feeling in my whole body that’s kinda sad/happy at the same time.
  • Sounds and noises can get me so annoyed. Like now when Mathilde is snoring right next to me I just start sighing really loud and can feel myself getting annoyed. I also hate loud noises like vacuum cleaners unless I’m doing it myself.IMG_5080_Facetune_31.08.2017-16:27:58
  • I get sleep paralysis and it is the absolute worst. I know things that trigger it though, so now I haven’t had it in ages.
  • I tend to get in really deep conversations with people I’ve just met. People also find it very easy to open up to me which I think is nice.
  • I tend to get good or bad vibes from people quite easily, and have a tendency to not bother with people whom I don’t see as someone positive, all until I feel sorry for them in some way and end up doing what I can. Then obviously knowing it wasn’t worth it after. Done that so many times.

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