Red Lipstick Look – How I Wear It

You have probably never seen me in red lipstick, maybe for shoots and in photos – but in reality I never wear it. Except for yesterday. I do kind of like it, as long as I wear it the right way.

I think it just looks too much if I have a lot of eye makeup going on as well, so I would choose to have a very natural eyeshadow and some fake lashes that’s not too much. Sometimes I think eyeliner can be nice, but only if it’s very thin and simple. Might be difficult to get that look at times.

For the rest of the makeup I don’t like blush or too much bronzer to go with red lipstick.

My best tip would basically be to let the lips stand out and keep everything else a bit more simple than normally.

On my face I wore foundation, a bit of bronzer and highlighter – plus the red lipstick. I also added some freckles to make the whole look a bit different, and in a way it made it more “natural” as well. I also used brow pencil, natural eyeshadow mixing purple brown and bit of an orange colour, and fake lashes.


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