Makeup Look – Natural Bronze

IMG_4536_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:54:34IMG_4542_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:57:28IMG_4534_Facetune_24.08.2017-19:03:48IMG_4543_Facetune_24.08.2017-18:58:40Simple and natural! I have used the normal base I always do, then as highlighters – Inglot and The Balm. For eyeshadow I have used the liquid lingerie eye tint from NYX which I love, adding some highlighter and bronzed eyeshadow. Love the bronzed look, but even more when it’s natural like this!

Atm I’m trying to get my Mac charger to work which is not happening and making me so annoyed!! 😦

Trying to get videos up and stuff so hopefully it will work or I’ll have to buy a new one. Let me know if there is any type of videos you would like to see!

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