Affordable Make Up Products – Buy & Don’t Buy

So after I moved to London I started getting more interested in makeup, watching a lot of YouTube videos and I also started working at Kiko and with a makeup agency.

I tried a lot of different products, and found out which ones I like and which ones that wasn’t worth buying. I thought I’d share that with you guys as I do get a lot of questions about my makeup and what products I use.

Make Up Products – DON’T BUY

Revolution – Matte Lip Kit

So I hadn’t actually heard of this brand before. I bought it the other day and got both a lip liner and liquid lipstick in the package. Little did I know then that the entire lipliner would basically break the second I put it on my lips, and for every time I tried to sharpen it the only thing that happened was that it kept falling off. I liked the colour of the liquid lipstick – reign, but it gets too dry and keeps coming off your lips. Not a very nice look. It’s cheap and that’s it.

Sleek Liquid Eyeliner

I needed an eyeliner asap one time and went to buy the first one I saw. Not a good decision. First of all it is too liquid and will drip, as well as the liner being way too thick and it ends up not giving you an even line without having to fix it with concealer after.

Kiko Foundation

So the funny thing is I used to like this, and also usually got a lot of compliments – but now that I have tried others I realise how greasy it is. It ends up giving you too much shine and might make you look oily and sweaty at times. The products I would recommend from Kiko is the radiant powder, liquid lipsticks and few of the lip liners.

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Make Up Products – BUY

My number one recommendation – Max Factor Foundation All Day Flawless 3 in 1.

I have always ended up going back to this one for years after trying so many different ones, both cheap and more expensive foundations. I love the coverage and how light it still feels on my skin. It stays on the entire day (and night), gives an even colour and looks very natural on the skin despite how good the coverage is. Never have I experienced getting bad skin from it either. Try it out!

Sleek – Matte Me lip cream and eyebrow pencil! 

So even though sleek might not have the best liquid eyeliner, they do have something! The Matte Me lip cream is like the first thing I bought when I moved to London and I always get so many compliments when wearing it. I know a lot of people have bought it after seeing it on me and me recommending it to them. It stays on for hours and doesn’t smudge. The only thing is it might get a bit too dry and after a long day or after eating/drinking without topping up parts of it fall off making it look like you are wearing a thick lipliner, haha. But if you top up it’s no problem. And then their eyebrow pencil! I have also tried a lot of different eyebrow pencils, but I love how simple it is and how easy it is to apply.

NYX Concealer Full Coverage

I use this in the lightest colour, and I think it blends in perfectly with the foundation I use (Max Factor). Some might think it’s too creamy and thick, but it always depends on your skin and what other products you use. I would not recommend it if you have a lot of eye wrinkles as it might make it look worse because of the creamy and thickness of it. I think it comes on perfectly when using a sponge to dab it on the areas you want it after putting on your foundation.

Last and cheapest – but so good – Primark Lip Pencils.

These are like 1 pound, but I think it might be the product I get the most compliments on. It’s perfectly creamy, not too dry and not too liquid – stays on for long and there’s a lot of nice colours to choose from. Try it out!

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