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What Is A Hostess?

So like some of you might have noticed I have been really busy lately. I told you about my new job, or I basically just told you I’m gonna be a hostess.

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I have already been doing it for Syft, but now that I eventually have other plans I need more money, which also means more work.

As a hostess I’m basically representing the place I’m working at, or the company. I’m the first person the customers or clients will see, and I’m the one who’s gonna make them feel welcome – introduce them to the place and in some cases let them know or show them where to go. I also have to look the part obviously. Most cases it’s black dress, heels or at least always a bit dressed up.

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Most people understand what it means when I say host, and yes some places guys can do the job as well, but I have experienced it is usually girls here in London.

Usually it depends on the place how much “work” it is. I have been to places where it’s basically just standing there and looking pretty… Not what I want to do at all, and it honestly just feels like watching paint dry…

The place I work at now is a lot more work than that. I have to look at all the bookings, give them the right tables for the right times, know how to deal with new bookings and how to organise it, walk ins… Well yeah, it’s a lot more work compared to what I have been used to, but I do enjoy it as well. Just not when I make mistakes, but that’s how you learn.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

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