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Why I’m Only Running On 3 Hours Sleep

  • Priorities…

After such a long time just traveling and working now and then, to working fully as much as I can like now is something I really feel on my body and mind. In a way it’s actually nice, because I’m putting more effort into everything at the same time – it’s now more important then ever to think about what I want to spend every other hour of the day doing. On the other hand my legs hurt after working out, walking and standing all day. Still not a very tough life I know. The only thing I’m worried about is me not spending enough time working on bigger things and what I really want to do, and not just getting caught up in making “ok” money for now. But I know where I wanna go and that I need my priorities right for that.

So even though I was very tired yesterday after a long day, I met Dan and we went gym instead of me just going back to eat and sleep. After a few minutes I didn’t feel tired anymore like normally, and it’s so good. I might have ended up with a few hours less sleep then what I could have had, but that’s something I’ll make up for later.


Now he’s being really nice and making food while I’m about to fall asleep. Hope everyone’s good ❤


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