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10 Questions and 10 Answers!

What’s your favourite things about your personality?

I think my stubbornness. It can be a bad thing as well but it has gotten me where I am today so I can’t not appreciate it. I also think my confidence in myself that hasn’t always been there. I know everyone is worth just as much, and I know everyone can do amazing things if they set their mind to it and work hard. I’m not afraid to say my opinions because I know how important it is, and I need to be honest with people to feel ok when I go to bed at night.

Go swimming in the ocean or in a pool?

I’m sooo scared but at the same time find it so fascinating thinking about everything that lives in the ocean and also everything we don’t even know of… A little fun fact? When I was younger and I wanted to scare myself (don’t know why I have always felt the need for this) I logged into the family computer and I googled “sharks” and I almost couldn’t look at it because I was so scared, haha. So if I can’t see the bottom wherever I’m swimming I will get thoughts about something being underneath me and coming to get me or even bumping into a dead body or something. I’m a bit crazy like that. But if it’s crystal blue and you can see everything like in Thailand it’s amazing and I would choose that over a pool any day ❤

Who did you talk to last on the phone?

Amy actually! Was her birthday yesterday ❤ Talked for an hour and a half on facetime.

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How many pillows do you have in your bed?

We have… I think 6? I’m sitting in the bed now, but Dan is next to me sleeping and I can’t really count. They are all very thin though so I think we like sleep on three each? Haha.

Do you prefer to call or text?

If I have a lot to say I call. But if I’m doing something and also have a lot to do I just text. Usually because I always call on facetime and I just know I will be on the phone for ages.

If I don’t know the person really well also I always text unless I’m meeting up with someone and get lost or something like that.

What dessert it your favourite one?

I don’t ever really eat desserts? Hmm… I will say the one in Thailand though. It was a mango sorbet with sticky rice. I love sticky rice and mango. But mostly I say this ice cream just because I remember the day so well and it gives me just the best feeling.

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What’s your plan today?

Go to work, edit a video, then probably go gym straight after work and then eat something nice (super important), also I should check up on agencies in LA and send some snaps. First I should take new polaroids though, but I woke up with a spot on my nose 😦 Whatever I have to do it anyways.

Beer, wine or drinks?

Well… I do prefer drinks because they taste better to me and doesn’t give you a headache the next day usually. Beer I honestly can’t stand. I tried to drink it when I was hungover just so I could get sick because I hate it so much, haha. Anyways it’s usually wine I go for just because it’s a bit less strong and you can drink more of it without having blackouts and whatnot. Still gives me the worst headache. But vodka is the devil so what can you do 😦

How social are you?

Well I’m basically around people all the time and that’s how it’s been for the last year or so. To be honest I’m a person that really needs alone time and I really enjoy it as well. Some days I would choose just hanging out with myself over anything. But after London I have learned to really enjoy being around people as well. Especially not just people that I know really well, but getting to know other people and just hanging out with a group of different people.

So I would say I’m social pretty much all the time because I’m always with someone, but my personality is for sure a lot less social just because I enjoy not being around anyone and choose to do that as well at times.

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What’s your dream destination?

The whole world? There’s so many places I want to see and experience, but if I must say some places now I think LA and Hawaii. I know people have different opinions about Los Angeles, but to me it’s more about somewhere I just feel like I need to go to, especially at this age. I have wanted to go since I was a kid and now that I’m getting closer and closer it will feel nice to get there regardless if it’s how I imagined or not. And Hawaii… Do I even need to write anything? Everything about it seems amazing. I want to get there and just work at a beach bar for some months. Just chill out and be happy with me and my drinks in a bikini.

Found these questions on some Norwegian bloggers site, so thought I would do one in English ❤

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