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Is That Who You Want To Be?

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Last day of the festival is over, and I don’t mind to be honest. It was fun and nice to hang out with my friends again, but I also see how I have changed and I don’t mind going home a bit earlier because I’m only there to meet my friends anyways, not to stay out until morning.

I know that if I kept doing what I used to it wouldn’t ever bring me anything positive because of where I am in my life right now. It comes to a point in the night where I’ll let my friends do their thing and let them have the convos with the cute guys they saw or let them listen to the ridiculous pick up lines some guys come up with, because they should also have those moments  – but I realise that I don’t feel like there’s anything for me obviously because of where I am just now in my life.

I think at times you will feel the need to focus on yourself as well. You should. That can also be a reason as to why you feel like you want to step out of situations that you usually experience when you chose to stick around or just stay around certain people. The situations you witness at times can make you question people. And I think you should.

You want to be a responsible and good person? That is something you will prove true or false by just being you and what type of situations you put yourself in.

At times I feel so frustrated and hopeless for certain people to ever understand the importance of respecting the ones you keep close. When I see and experience how some people act. It’s actually weird because after this weekend I could give so many different examples.

I think the main thing is to remember yourself and who you want to be.

Then again I also see and experience so many amazing people giving the perfect example of being a respectful and genuine good person, it’s just less of them it seems like unfortunately.

So if you got one I hope you give them back what they deserve, and if you can’t do that I hope you can let someone else do that.

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