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Bad Days VS Good Days

If I think about it I’m pretty aware of things that get me in a bad mood, or that can make me have a “bad day”.

I also know what makes me happy, or things I can do to make the day a lot better.

To be honest sometimes you just have a bad day and in your head you’ve already decided that’s how it’s gonna be. Even though it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s your choice just like everything in your life.


But anyways here’s my typical things that get’s me in a “bad day” kinda mood:

  • Sleeping in when I know I have a lot to do. Then thinking the day is ruined and I’m never going to get it done.
  • Not doing anything that can help me get to where I want. This is a typical me thing. I have to do something everyday that can be good for my future. Write a good post, take cool pics, send emails, get more knowledge, make new plans to improve so I’ll get closer to where I want to be. I can literally get so angry at myself if I waste a day, because that’s what it feels like to me. And again, it’s only up to me.
  • Stressing! I hate this so much, but I do it all the time. I stress about things that I shouldn’t stress about. Everything. I make it a huge deal and literally hate myself for a bit, haha.
  • Those days that just suck. It’s raining, I lose my oyster card, have zero money, nothing to wear, haven’t had time to do everything I should, feel like a mess because I haven’t had enough time for myself, not enough sleep bla bla bla. Those days are the worst and unfortunately they happen quite often especially losing things because I’m so damn CLUMSY and it’s so annoying. IMG_3435

And then the best part, things that (can) turn the day around:

  • Thinking what’s done is done – the only thing to do is make the best of it! Sleeping in late means I just have to be more efficient.
  • When I have my little “stressed out about everything I want to cry” moments it’s really good to have someone who will bring me back to reality and make me realise everything will be ok. Just breathe and think, and make a plan if you have to.
  • Soy latte and food and me-time 🙂 Fixes everything usually.
  • Remembering how lucky I am. I shouldn’t complain about anything and I know I have been so lucky in every way, but sometimes we humans suck and we forget these things which we really shouldn’t.
  • Thinking of how far I’ve come instead of bringing myself down for where I’m not yet. I have done some pretty cool things and I have achieved a lot just because of my own strong will. I have showed myself that anything is possible and that’s something I need to remember.
  • Talking to someone I care about. Telling them what I’m feeling, why it’s one of those days – explaining it to someone might make you realise how it’s just a silly thing, and if not talking to them about it will for sure make you feel better anyways.
  • Last one, but really necessary sometimes: It’s a shit day so just accept it! Don’t be around people because on these days they are so annoying, stay in your room because if not you might meet these annoying people, eat whatever you want because you deserve it, sleep because you need your beauty sleep, watch movies so you can pretend to be somewhere else for a bit. To be honest at times this is the best option, if not you might be forcing yourself to be “pretend happy” everyday and you’re just about ready to explode. After a day like that the next day might be completely different. Sometimes it’s okay to be feeling whatever you’re feeling, you don’t need to have a reason why. Just feel it and do what you feel.

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